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“Oscar” for the contribution to the cinema has received 20-year-old monkey

Monkey-Capuchin Crystal, which is called “Angelina Jolie of the Animal World”, received an honorary award for achievements in the film industry - the Pawscar award (from the word paw - “paw”), writes Daily Mail.

The Oscars for the animals took place in Los Angeles. The crystal came in a pink dress and a pearl necklace, enthusiastically received the award and waved a statuette over her head. When the monkey was asked if it had a favorite shooting partner: Bradley Cooper, Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Crystal actively nodded, and the answer appeared on the screen: “Robin called me my favorite colleague, but my favorite partner is my trainer Tom Gunderson.

Animal lovers in the comments to this news in social networks noted that "even the monkey has an Oscar, but Leonardo DiCaprio does not."

She starred in 25 films, playing roles in such tapes as “Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb”, “Bachelor Party in Vegas”, “Doctor Dolittle” and many others. In the acting profession Crystal is already 18 years old. In the TV series Veterinary Clinic, Crystal's fee reached 12 thousands of dollars per episode.

The Oscars for animals were awarded for the sixth time.

In the U.S. Hollywood cinema Oscar a monkey animals
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