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Weapons and billions of aid: the full text of the agreements between Biden and Zelensky after the meeting at the White House

US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met at the White House. What did the presidents agree on? "European truth".

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Negotiations of the presidents were postponed several times. Based on the document that Ukraine and the United States promulgated following the talks, they can be called successful. The joint Ukrainian-American statement turned out to be very detailed and more like a program document on the support of Ukraine from the United States.

Joint Statement of Ukraine and the United States on Strategic Partnership

After thirty years since Ukraine regained its independence, the ties between Ukraine and the United States are stronger than ever. Our shared values ​​and commitment to a Europe that is whole, free, democratic and peaceful is the foundation of our strategic partnership. We are working together to respond to common global challenges, including energy security and diversification, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our relationship is the cornerstone for security, democracy and human rights in Ukraine and throughout the region. We are committed to realizing Ukraine's deep and comprehensive reforms necessary to fulfill its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. We are also united in our commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine given the ongoing Russian aggression.

Ukraine's success is central to the global struggle between democracy and autocracy. When we face this challenge, we stand shoulder to shoulder and are optimistic about our ambitious shared goals of promoting democracy, ensuring justice, improving the welfare and security of Ukraine. Ukraine has made progress in developing good institutions and intends, with US support, to continue to tackle corruption, ensure accountability, protect human rights, fulfill the aspirations of its citizens and create an enabling environment to attract foreign direct investment and stimulate growth.

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Ukraine and the United States will revitalize the Strategic Partnership Commission (SPC), which will be reoriented and resourced to meet the challenges of the XNUMXst century. To celebrate the enhanced status of our partnership, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister and the US Secretary of State intend to approve the new Charter at the PCB meeting this fall in Washington.

Security and defense

In the XNUMXst century, states cannot be allowed to change boundaries by force. Russia has violated this basic rule with regard to Ukraine. Sovereign states have the right to make their own decisions and choose their own alliances. The United States is on Ukraine's side and will continue to work to hold Russia accountable for its aggression.

The United States' support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity is unshakable.

Countering Russian aggression

Russian aggression, including the war in eastern Ukraine and the takeover of Crimea, has claimed more than 14 Ukrainian lives, destabilized Europe and the Black Sea region, and threatened a rules-based global order. The United States does not and will never recognize the annexation of Crimea and reaffirms its full support for international efforts, including those used in the Normandy format, aimed at resolving the conflict unleashed by Russia in eastern Ukraine through diplomatic means based on international law.

The United States supports Ukraine's efforts to use the Crimea Platform to focus international attention and action on the aftermath of Russia's occupation of Crimea, with the aim of peacefully restoring Ukraine's control over this territory in accordance with international law. Together, we call on Russia to fulfill its commitments to a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and to truly participate in efforts to resolve the conflict to end the war.

Deepening strategic defense cooperation

Ukraine and the United States completed the preparation of the Strategic Defense Framework Agreement, which creates the basis for strengthening strategic cooperation in the field of defense and security and promoting common priorities, including reforms in the areas of defense and defense industry, deepening cooperation in areas such as Black Sea security, cybersecurity, intelligence exchange and countering Russian aggression.

Support for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic aspirations

The United States supports Ukraine's right to choose its own foreign policy regardless of external interference, including Ukraine's NATO membership.

Providing Ukraine with security assistance

The United States is announcing a new $ 60 million security assistance package that includes Javelin armor-piercing systems and other lethal and non-lethal defense equipment that will enable Ukraine to more effectively defend itself against Russian aggression. Since 2014, the United States has pledged $ 2,5 billion to support the Ukrainian army, including $ 400 million that was provided to Ukraine this year alone.

Research and development cooperation

Ukraine and the United States have finalized the Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation Agreement, which provides a framework for bilateral military-technical and armaments cooperation.

Introduction of reforms in the defense and security sector

The United States welcomes Ukraine's continued progress in reforming the defense and defense industry sectors, including the adoption of a new defense industry strategy. We intend to continue our robust education and training program in keeping with Ukraine's status as an Enhanced NATO Partner. Ukraine plans to continue to take steps to strengthen democratic civilian control of the military, reform its security services and modernize the defense procurement process to advance Euro-Atlantic aspirations. The United States supports Ukraine's plan to reform Ukraine's Security Service by drafting and clearly defining its mandate and tightening rules that protect human rights.

Cybersecurity cooperation

Ukraine and the United States at the leadership level prioritize cybersecurity issues. In October, the governments of Ukraine and the United States are planning to hold the 4th meeting of the bilateral Ukrainian-American cyber dialogue in Kiev to promote bilateral cooperation in the field of cyber security, exchange information and support the United States in the development of Ukrainian cyber potential, including in the financial sector of Ukraine.

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Strengthening situational awareness in space

Ukraine and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding that ensures the effective exchange of information on space objects detected by satellites and ground-based sensors to enhance flight safety in space.

Strengthening collaboration to reduce risks and threats

Ukraine and the United States have agreed to maintain secure XNUMX/XNUMX communications through the US National Nuclear Risk Reduction Center. We also agreed to extend by seven years the Agreement on Assistance to Ukraine in the Elimination of Strategic Nuclear Weapons and Prevention of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to support mutual non-proliferation goals and enhance international and regional security.

Democracy, justice and human rights

Ukraine and the United States are bound by common human values ​​that unite the free peoples of the world: democracy, human rights, the rule of law. We recognize that upholding these values ​​domestically is essential to protecting and promoting them around the world. Despite Russian aggression, Ukraine has made progress in implementing comprehensive democratic reforms and ensuring human rights. With the support of the United States, Ukraine is implementing a reform agenda to transform the country in accordance with European and Euro-Atlantic principles and practices.

Reforming the judiciary and fighting corruption

Based on the adoption of legislation on the reform of the judicial system, Ukraine plans to reform its judicial sector in accordance with international practices. At the same time, Ukraine intends to develop a successfully established independent anti-corruption infrastructure to implement vital initiatives that protect independence and improve the effectiveness of these institutions in rooting out corruption and holding corrupt individuals accountable.

These steps include the immediate election of a new Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, in line with international best practices, and the adoption of legislation to protect the powers of the Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, and to ensure a transparent and reliable process for selecting a successor. United States assistance and advisory programs support these strategic reform initiatives.

Promoting human rights

With US support, Ukraine will continue to strengthen respect for human rights, civil and fundamental freedoms in line with international standards and commitments, and fight racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and discrimination against the LGBT community.

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Ukraine plans to increase accountability for violence against any person regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or political opinion, including through legislation. Ukraine and the United States intend to continue to hold Russia accountable for systemic violations that continue in the territories of Ukraine controlled or occupied by Russia, as well as to seek the release of political prisoners and hostages held in these territories.

Investing in reforms in Ukraine

Governance reform is critical to ensuring that democracy functions for the benefit of the people. Ukraine is pursuing reforms that strengthen its democratic institutions, human rights and justice. To this end, Ukraine is developing an ambitious and comprehensive Transformation Plan, which will be considered at the next PCB meeting.

In support of Ukraine's reform efforts, the US government has provided nearly $ 2014 billion in development assistance to Ukraine since 2 and plans to provide more than $ 463 million in aid this year, including programs focused on democracy, human rights, local governance and decentralization, and privatization. and judicial reform.

Energy security and climate

The climate crisis has reached a critical level, and this requires immediate action. Ukraine and the United States are helping to strengthen Ukraine's energy security through policies of sustainable, effective, and long-term solutions backed by corporate governance reform.

Start of the Strategic Energy and Climate Dialogue

Ukraine and the United States are committed to enhancing cooperation for shared energy and climate goals by enhancing the Strategic Energy and Climate Dialogue, which will serve as a reliable platform for achieving energy security goals, strengthening economic ties and achieving ambitious climate goals.

Attracting investment in the energy sector through reforms

Ukraine and the United States intend to cooperate within the framework of a strategic energy dialogue to resolve systemic imbalances in the energy system of Ukraine, expand corporate governance reforms in state-owned energy companies, enhance the investment attractiveness of Ukraine's energy sector and attract foreign investment necessary to achieve the goals of energy independence, decarbonization and clean energy.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting innovation

Ukraine and the United States have reaffirmed their commitment to achieve ambitious reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Ukraine has joined the Agriculture Climate Innovation Mission (AIM) and intends to develop renewable energy.

Countering the impact of Nord Stream 2

Ukraine and the United States continue to oppose Nord Stream 2, which they see as a threat to European energy security.

The United States intends to continue to apply statutory measures and energy diplomacy, including through the recent appointment of a Senior Energy Security Advisor, to maintain a transit role and secure supplies for Ukraine during this energy transition, and to prevent the Kremlin from using energy as a geopolitical weapon. ... The Ukrainian and US governments are supporting efforts to increase capacity to supply gas to Ukraine from diversified sources.

Economic growth and prosperity

Ukraine must be economically strong enough to choose its own future and tilt the arc of its national history towards greater justice and opportunity for the Ukrainian people. Continuing reforms in Ukraine is critical to ensuring that the economy functions for the benefit of the people.

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Implementation of key reforms

As part of Ukraine's cooperation program with the International Monetary Fund, Ukraine intends to reform state-owned enterprises, protect the independence of the central bank, strengthen supervision of the financial sector, and create a fair environment for business and investment. The United States stands ready to continue to work with Ukraine to support these efforts and to foster strong and inclusive economic growth in both Ukraine and the United States.

Expansion of commercial cooperation

Ukraine and the United States have completed a Memorandum of Understanding on Commercial Cooperation to facilitate commercial participation of US companies in the Ukrainian economy and Ukrainian companies in the US economy.

Securing Adequate Funding for Economic Growth

Ukraine and the United States have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that can support future operations in certain industries, including several key projects. The initial $ 3 billion in support from the Export-Import Bank (EXIM) of the United States for these potential transactions could be increased as projects in agribusiness, infrastructure, climate and energy develop.

Trade and investment growth

The Ukrainian-American Trade and Investment Council will hold its 10th meeting this fall to confirm work plans to remove regulatory barriers, stop the use of unlicensed software by Ukrainian government authorities, resolve other intellectual property issues, and cooperate in labor. Ukraine is also committed to enacting legislation that will establish a robust investment verification process. Ukraine and the United States plan to revise the Trade and Investment Agreement at the Council's autumn meeting.

Pandemic response and humanitarian aid

The United States strongly supports the Ukrainian people in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and in responding to the humanitarian needs caused by the war in eastern Ukraine.

Fighting COVID-19

The United States has provided approximately $ 55 million in COVID-19 assistance to Ukraine and donated approximately 2,2 million doses of vaccines. The US intends to provide Ukraine with additional assistance, including support for the cold storage chain, and an additional $ 12,8 million under the America's Bailout Plan Act.

Humanitarian aid

As a result of the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, 3,4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Since 2014, the United States has provided more than $ 306 million in vital assistance to Ukrainians in need, including food, shelter, drinking water, and protecting the most vulnerable, including the elderly. This year, the US government will provide Ukraine with an additional $ 45 million in humanitarian aid.

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