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Poll: Trump leads Republicans, Clinton leads Democrats

The latest public opinion poll showed that billionaire Donald Trump holds the leading position among numerous candidates for the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads the Democrats.

According to a survey by Quinnipiak University, the results of which were published on Thursday, Trump supports 25 percent of Republican respondents, 17 percent are going to vote for former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and 12 percent for former executive director of HP, Carly Fiorina.

Clinton leads the Democrats with 43 percent, while 25 percent supports independent senator from Vermont, democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, and 18 percent - Vice President Joe Biden, who has not yet decided whether he will run.

According to the survey, at the moment when comparing potential candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties, Clinton would be ahead of Trump, but would lose to Carson, Jebu Bush and Fiorina.

Also, the survey showed that Clinton and Trump have the worst ratings among all candidates in terms of integrity and trustworthiness. Clinton’s political image has been shaken in recent months by her behavior, when it turned out that she used a personal email account instead of a worker, occupying the post of Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

None of the three leading Republican candidates had previously held elected positions. However, four months before the first primaries, Republican voters prefer new politicians to former senators and governors.

According to the Quinnipiak survey, which took place over the past few days with about 1600 respondents, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, son and brother of two former US presidents, scored ten percent, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio - nine percent. None of the remaining ten Republican candidates exceeded the seven percent mark.

Trump gained popularity due to harsh anti-Washington rhetoric and calls to deport eleven million illegal immigrants. At the same time 29 percent of Republicans said they would “not support” Trump in any case.

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