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Americans are willing to pay extra for security in movie theater

Residents of the United States are ready to go on increasing the price of movie tickets if security measures are tightened in the halls. Reported Variety with reference to the company C4, which specializes in the study of consumer demand. We are talking about the installation of metal detectors and the presence of armed guards in multiplexes.

Survey participants supported the idea of ​​applying additional security measures after a series of incidents that occurred in US cinemas. “The audience began to look at the importance of security in a new way. Hopefully they'll appreciate it as much as Imax or 3D technology, when people realized they needed to pay more for a better experience. You can also pay for a safer movie viewing, ”said company spokesman Ben Spergel.

Almost half of the respondents are willing to pay one dollar more for a ticket for additional measures, 23 percent agree to overpay two dollars or more.

However, experts argue that such a price change will not cover the cost of scanning bags or metal detectors, and the cost increase should be much more significant.

6 people took part in the survey conducted on 7-500 in August.

5 August in a suburb of Nashville (Tennessee) insane instigated shooting in a movie theater and wounded one of the spectators with an ax. The policemen who arrived at the scene tried to neutralize the shooter, but he opened fire on them, after which he was killed on the spot.

On July 23, at a cinema in Lafayette, Louisiana, a 58-year-old man began shooting at spectators in the auditorium. Two people were killed, nine more were injured, and the attacker committed suicide.

In addition, in early August, the American James Holmes was sentenced to life imprisonment for the massacre in a cinema in the state of Colorado. In July 2012, Holmes threw a tear gas grenade into the hall and opened indiscriminate shooting at spectators during the screening of the film “The Dark Knight: Revival of a Legend”. Twelve people were killed, another 58 injured.

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