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You can now pay immigration fees remotely

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) is changing the process for paying certain filing fees. Now you can pay by mail or online, rather than in person at a local branch.

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This new process should save time and money for everyone paying the application fee.

Under the new procedure, applicants can send either a check or a form to their local office G-1450 “Authorization for credit card transactions” along with your payment request.

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Applicants, and their attorneys and accredited representatives, should read the filing instructions carefully to ensure that their Fee Request Form can be submitted by mail or remotely and that it is submitted in the correct location.

USCIS will return any incorrect documents to the applicant, who will then have to correct them and resubmit them.

In addition, lawyers can now process payments by EOIR-29, Notice of Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals from a Decision Based on a DHS Officer's Decision, through a link in an email they receive, or through a text message from the USCIS Contact Center.

Once such payment has been processed, attorneys and accredited representatives must mail his client's EOIR-29, his EOIR-2, EOIR-27, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative Before the Board of Immigration Appeals, and a receipt to your local office.

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An exception to the new process are emergency pre-password requests. Candidates filing Form I-131 “Application for a travel document” with an EAP request must still make an appointment with the USCIS Contact Center. You must submit your application in person with your application package (completed form and supporting documentation) and pay the application fee by credit card on Form G-1450 or by check at your local office.

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