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Dangerous manicure: a client in a beauty salon became infected with carnivorous bacteria

The woman said she nearly lost her hand because of the carnivorous bacteria that she contracted after a manicure at a beauty salon in Knoxville, Tennessee. Writes about it Yahoo.News.

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Jane Sharp said that she did not even suspect anything when her “thumb was wounded” during a manicure, but a couple of hours after she left the salon, her finger began to throb. Infection began to escalate.

Soon, she developed flu symptoms. After talking with her daughter, who is a registered nurse, the woman decided to go to the doctor, where she was tested and sent home.

“They called me at 4 in the morning, woke me up and asked what my wound looked like and whether it reached the elbow,” Sharp said.

Jane was taken to the emergency room, where doctors told her that she had contracted a rare but deadly bacterial infection - necrotic fasciitis.

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The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) described the infection as "rapidly spreading in the body, it can lead to death." Experts said that quick treatment, the use of antibiotics and surgery are the keys to recovery.

Sharp underwent several operations in Knoxville and Nashville and said that it took her months to feel normal, although her thumb was still a little numb. “The doctors noticed that if at least an hour had passed, the situation could have been much worse,” Sharp said.

“I was just lucky to be alive,” she stated.

Sharpe has now filed a lawsuit against the salon.

While most nail salons are safe, there are a few things that customers should pay attention to to make sure that the salon meets the requirements.

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According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, customers must first ensure that the interior is clean and tidy, whether specialists wash their hands or change gloves before each service.

They may also ask how the tools are kept clean - they should either be disposed of or disinfected after each use. And you must definitely check the license of a specialist.

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