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Dangerous to life: what is heatstroke and how to escape from it

Summer has come, which means that the time has come for the sea, sun and beaches. Many people know that you need to protect yourself from the sun, but few people think that excessive heat is also harmful to the body and can cause heat stroke. What is it and how to act in such cases, told Life hacker.

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Signs that heatstroke is approaching

In common words, heatstroke is overheating. It happens when the body, for some reason, cannot cool down, that is, return to a healthy temperature. It is considered to be values ​​from 36,1 to 37,2 ° C.

The causes of overheating can be different: heat, high physical activity, lack of moisture in the body. Overheating is equally dangerous, regardless of the reasons that caused it.

Sunstroke is a special case of heat. This is a local overheating of the head caused by direct sunlight.

But heatstroke does not occur overnight. He has a harbinger - thermal exhaustion. This is an increasing condition that signals: the body cannot cope with thermoregulation, it urgently needs help to cool down.

Thermal exhaustion can be recognized by the following signs in various combinations:

  1. Pale, cold, clammy skin.
  2. Dizziness.
  3. Weakness and confusion.
  4. Feeling as if dark in the eyes.
  5. Intensified sweating.
  6. Headache.
  7. Nausea, mild vomiting.
  8. Cardiopalmus.
  9. Muscle spasms and cramps.
  10. Dark urine (color indicates dehydration).

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Heatstroke symptoms

Heatstroke symptoms follow after exhaustion symptoms and include:

  1. Body temperature is above 40 ° C.
  2. Labored breathing.
  3. Excessive vomiting.
  4. Fainting.
  5. Serious heart rhythm disturbances.
  6. Potential damage to internal organs due to heat shock.
  7. Malfunctions of the brain.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, take immediate action, because your life is at stake.

First aid for thermal exhaustion

If we are talking about only the initial symptoms of overheating, the first aid algorithm is as follows:

  1. Stop physical activity.
  2. Move away from the sun (get out of a hot room) into the shade, into a light draft, into a room cooled by an air conditioner.
  3. Remove all clothing if possible.
  4. Place a gauze or towel soaked in cool water on your forehead.
  5. Drink at least 1-2 glasses of water. This is necessary to eliminate possible dehydration and give the body moisture to produce an adequate amount of sweat.
  6. Drink rehydron or an isotonic sports drink. Such a liquid contains electrolytes important for metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system. And you could lose them with intense sweating.

First aid for heatstroke

If you have symptoms of heat stroke, then local assistance may not be effective. If vomiting, cardiac disturbances, pre-syncope are observed, immediately call an ambulance.

Heatstroke is a medical emergency, and the person experiencing it needs emergency help.

While the ambulance is on its way, follow the same procedures as for thermal exhaustion. To enhance the effect, they can be supplemented:

  1. Cover the victim with ice packs (frozen vegetables-berries are also suitable), wrapped in a thin sheet.
  2. Place the person in a cold water bath to quickly bring the critical temperature down. Important: This advice can only be used if other people are helping you (the victim). Diving alone is dangerous.

The arriving doctors will assess the patient's condition. If pre-medical first aid for heatstroke is delivered on time and is effective, hospitalization is not required.

Safety measures

If you have suffered from heatstroke, you will be especially sensitive to high temperatures in the coming week. Therefore, observe these precautions carefully.

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1. Drink more water

Best of all, 2-4 cups of liquid (water, fruit and vegetable juices) every hour you spend in direct sunlight. This is especially important if in the heat you are still doing manual labor. To sweat effectively, your body needs more moisture than usual. Do not allow it to be deficient.

2. Try to spend the hottest hours indoors

In summer, the interval between 11:00 and 15:00 is considered dangerous. During this period, try not to be outdoors, or at least minimize physical activity in the heat.

3. Wear light-colored, lightweight clothing

Clothing should be as loose as possible to facilitate air circulation around the body.

4. Don't forget about the headdress

A hat or bucket hat will help prevent sunstroke. A cap and a bandana are not very suitable on a hot day: it is better to choose a hat that is light and with wide brim.

5. Take a cool shower or bath often

This will help lower your body temperature.

6. Don't drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks

They contribute to dehydration and vasospasm. Because of this, the body produces less sweat than it needs to cool.

7. Control the color of urine

Dark is a sign of dangerous dehydration.

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