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Online clothing: why people buy outfits that don't exist

Dresses that cannot be touched, but can be worn to go out on social networks. Innovative fashion startup Dress X is an online boutique selling clothes that only exist electronically. The startup belongs to two Ukrainian women - Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova. The publication told about how this idea was born and how it was implemented. "Voice of America".

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“We realized that content is very important to people and they are willing to pay for it. And when the quarantine began, I realized that there was no point in working in the traditional way of retailing. I realized that the time has come to launch the world's first digital clothing store, ”says Daria Shapovalova, co-founder of Dress X startup.

To put on a digital dress, you need to go to the site, choose a style, and pay. You also need to upload your photo.

“It is important that the photo has good light and that you like yourself on it,” Natalia Modenova, co-founder of the startup, shares her experience Dress x.

You can buy clothes online at a variety of prices starting at $ 25. This is what the cheapest options look like on the site:


And here are some of the most expensive outfits:


After uploading the photo, wait a day or 3 until a new dress is prepared for you, that is, for your photo. The developers guarantee that the clothes will fit perfectly on any figure.

“The great thing about digital clothing is that it’s very inclusive. She sits on all shapes, is suitable for any age, for any gender, we can put all this on any person, ”says Natalya Modenova.

Among the clothes there are many dresses from Ukrainian designers. Some of them exist only in the digital version, and some in reality, however, they cost several times more expensive than the digital versions.

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Yulia Dovgal from Kiev has been living in Los Angeles for two years. During the quarantine, I created my blog. For six months, 400 thousand people subscribed to her page. Julia teaches how you can take pictures of yourself creatively and create unique images.

“Today there is a lot of competition among bloggers. It is very important for me to interest my audience. It is very important for me that I like my image, music, cosmetics and clothes, ”says Yulia Dovgal.

When Yulia found out about Dress X, she immediately understood that this is what she needed.

“I am for sustainable consumption, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes that I will wear only once, so Dress X is a very cool alternative to appear in a new look every day,” adds Julia.

Digital clothing is a completely new fashion philosophy. Daria and Natalia have been working in the fashion industry for several days. They have owned several fashion boutiques in Paris and Los Angeles. And a new startup does not require renting premises, or purchasing the clothes themselves, or any resources for production.

“The fashion industry pollutes the environment with waste. And we see that there is a crisis of a large scale in the world, so we need to change what fast fashion is, when clothes are bought and immediately thrown into the trash, a photograph is taken and a person no longer needs it. This habit needs to be changed, ”says Dariya Shapovalova.

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