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Online tools from USCIS that greatly simplify the life of immigrants in the United States

Being an immigrant in the US is not an easy task. But many departments are trying in every possible way to make life easier for foreigners arriving in the United States, including themselves. The Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides a range of resources, which will help not only new arrivals, but also those who have long been in the States.

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To use all available USCIS services on the department's website, you need to create your account. It's very simple: follow the link Login or Create a USCIS Online Account (create an online USCIS account), enter all the required information and you will have your personal account.

After this you will have access to many services. The first step, of course, is to submit your immigration applications (forms) online. This section is called File Online. A number of forms are available for this, see the full list. here. Applications for naturalization are popular, as are applications for replacement of a permanent resident card (green card).

An equally important tool for all immigrants is notification of a change of address. Change of Address. This is necessary not only for those who are waiting for an application to be considered, but also in order to receive important unexpected notifications from USCIS in a timely manner. Therefore, it is better that the department has your current address, as they say, for every fireman.

Important! Changing your US Postal Service (USPS) address will not change your USCIS address. Please update your information with both USCIS and USPS.

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Please note that USCIS provides the ability to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment with an agency employee. About it - here. Meetings are held for fingerprinting, interviews and other immigration procedures. You can find the nearest USCIS office to you here. Please note that local offices do not conduct asylum interviews, Asylum Offices do.

If you are worried that the service of the department will be very expensive for you, then we advise you to check its cost on a special calculator Fee Calculator. You should select the type of application and answer a few additional questions if clarification is needed for the calculation of the cost. After that, you will see how much this or that service will cost you. The tool does not request or store any personal data.

Similarly, if you wish, find out the cost of filing applications with USCIS. To do this, use the page Forms and Fees or All Forms. From the list, you need to select your form, click on "details", and in the Filing Fee subsection, the cost of applying will be indicated.

If you have already applied, gone through all the necessary steps and are waiting for a decision, then USCIS has several useful resources for you. Let's say, in order not to worry in vain and know how long you have to wait, go to Case Processing Times. Here you will find out the average processing time of the application. You need to specify the form you submitted, as well as additional data (if necessary), select the office of application - and you will find out how long it takes on average to process the form.

If enough time has passed, but there is still no cherished letter, then use Case Status Online: enter your application number and find out its status.

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If there are problems or your application is being processed for too long and you suspect that something went wrong, send a request using the tool e-requestto find out what the reason is. The agency advises using this tool if:

  • your application is taking longer than usual;
  • you have not received any documentary confirmation by mail;
  • you received the documents, but with errors.

Do not forget that obtaining any immigrant visa is accompanied by an immigration medical examination, which cannot be done in any hospital. It is carried out only in facilities approved by the US Department of State. Their list is here.

If you are just thinking about immigrating to the United States, exploring possible ways and cannot choose something suitable, or want to change status, decondition your green card or get citizenship, then Explore My Options will help you. All you have to do is select your current as well as your desired statuses and the tool will show you which way you can get what you want, if possible.

And if you are already halfway to the American dream and planning to take the citizenship test, then there are some useful resources here. For example, Citizenship Resource Center will provide you with useful resources to prepare for the test, and Civics Practice Test help you practice taking the test.

If we missed something, then look for useful resources for almost every immigration process in the section How Do I? guides.

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