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One of the most popular cars in the US: what you need to know about Honda Accord

Soon after the Japanese car manufacturer of Honda entered the American market, it released a fine series of sedans and hatchbacks under the name of Accord. Right from the beginning, this car's purpose was clear which was to satisfy all the basic needs of a common American. And it succeeded! Based on the car insurance applications data, Honda Accord was the second most popular car in the US in 2020. So it is not surprising that the manufacturer decided to improve the car and make it even more safe and comfortable. Meet the 2021 Honda Accord!

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At first glance, the 2021 Honda Accord looks pretty much the same as its predecessor, however, if given a closer look, there are a few updates to the sedan's exterior. Talking about the interiors, there is nothing that has changed except for a few optional features which are now standard right from the base trim.

Moreover, the powertrain options have also been revised, and there is sad news for those who like the manual-transmission in this car as it is being temporarily discontinued and replaced by a CVT-automatic transmission. On the other hand, the infotainment system is something that no other cars in this segment are equipped with. However, all of the trims in the lineup are equipped with Honda's Sensing suite of advanced driver-assistance features, leveling it up in terms of safety. Talking about trims, let's get around the 2021 Honda Accord's configuration.

What all trims are offered?

For 2021, Honda has decreased the number of trims to five in which the Accord will be distributed. The basic LX trim starting at $ 24,970 now has quite a few standard features and there is nothing wrong to call it the best base trim that has ever been made for this common midsize sedan. The trim that follows is the Sport which comes for a price of $ 27,430 and is a little unique in terms of configuration, just like its design.

Put another grand into that budget and for $ 28,920 a Sport Special Edition is available with more focus on the interiors and comfort rather than just performance. The next trim in the lineup is the EX-L which starts from $ 31,290 and has a lot of advanced features than the lower trims whereas the top-of-the-line Touring trim is priced at $ 36,900 and has some very superior design, styling, and performance, probably something that can match the Germans.

A brief dive into the ocean of features that Honda offers ...

The 2021 Honda Accord's exteriors have a few changes mainly on the front part. For example, the front grille appears a little wider as more safety systems are put into the car and most of its components hide behind it, this has squeezed the foglights a little. There are no notable changes on the rear but a new addition to the lineup is a shining metallic lining that runs from the front door and ends on the rear bumper giving it a very sexy look for it to be an affordable car. Though there are a lot of minute differences in the interior, exterior, and technology features in different trims; it is always better to explain them one after the other in a brief description.

2021 Honda Accord LX

For starters, the LX trim is considered to be one of the best base trims in the Honda lineup. This trim rides on standard 17-inch alloy wheels and power side mirrors, LED taillights and headlights with auto low-beams, and body-colored door handles are some of the exterior features involved.

This entry-level trim is powered by the same old 1.5L engine that produces steady and sweet power and torque figures. The interiors are introduced with a standard set that includes dual-zone automatic air-conditioning, front center armrest, rear-window defroster, and push-button start are some of the cool features in it.

Starting at such a price with some additional features like forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, lane keep and lane departure warning, and many more as standard is very much baffling while the infotainment system is an 8-inch touchscreen display with features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth audio streaming is also standard.

2021 Honda Accord Sport

The next trim in the 2021 Honda Accord's lineup is the Sport. This is the only model where engine options are available, with the standard 1.5L engine and a 2.0L engine which becomes a good choice for the sportiness as the engine supplies 292 horses of power and 273 lb-ft of torque, this also comes with some exciting additional features all over the car.

When building a sports car, the most important technical consideration is to weigh the least possible. One simple solution that the engineers at Honda came up with was making the hood lighter using aluminum for this trim. Additionally, the headlights are fully automatic LEDs, unlike the LX trim while heated door mirrors, black decklid spoiler, chrome-finished exhaust gives it a very active look.

Taking a peek on the inside, all the convenience features are very similar to the base trim. However, this trim is focused more on the driving experience as the driver's seat is 12-way power-adjusting with 4-way lumbar support along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob; also the pedals appear much sporty. The audio is put out clearer with a 180-watt 8-speaker system than the 4-speaker system in the basic trim.

Photo: Shutterstock

2021 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition

For 2021, the new trim in line is the Sport Special Edition, which, besides being sporty, is also a little more towards comfort and luxury. From the outside, the features are almost the same as the previous trim except for the Smart Key that has an auto-lock function that locks the car as soon as the key is detected moving away from the vehicle. Just like the Sport, the next-level Special Edition also rides on standard 19-inch machine-finished alloy wheels. Another important but unnoticed feature is the active front grille that meets the respiratory needs of the standard 1.5L engine.

The seat for the driver remains the same while the passenger enjoys a 4-way power-adjustment control. The front seats are made more comfortable with the addition of standard front heated seats with leather trim. Talking about the infotainment system, everything remains mostly the same but the special edition means more USB ports than its base trim and a total of 4 can be found in the cabin.

2021 Honda Accord EX-L

The EX-L is probably the best trim to be sold across the states which is why Honda has given it a special position of being the fourth trim in the Accord lineup. This trim is the only one to ride on 17-inch machine-finished wheels, besides the base LX trim, some more exterior features include the integration of turn-signal indicators in the side mirrors and a power moonroof with tilt feature and courtesy lights besides all of those in the previous trims.

On the inside, the leather-wrapped steering and gear knob are just like the Sports trim but the sport pedals are replaced with the standard set, however, the addition of the auto-dimming rearview mirror, HomeLink remote system, and a driver's seat with two-position memory are standard which makes life a little easier.

With additional tech features like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless phone charger, and SiriusXM satellite HD radio staying inside the car is no more boring. Moreover, the audio system is stepped-up as a 450-watt 10-speaker system with a subwoofer, and this car is taken for granted by the little musical enthusiast within all of us.

2021 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T

This is the only trim that comes standard with a 2.0L engine, just the same one that is provided as an option in the Sport trim. Though this midsize sedan is a little expensive compared to all of the other trims, there is hardly any other top-level car that offers the amazing number of features that the Accord Touring 2.0T does. On the outside, this trim has got its door handles finished in chrome while rain-sensing windshield wipers are standard. An additional feature is that the side door mirrors automatically tilt down as soon as the driver switches to reverse gear for better rear visibility.

The seats also get an upgrade as the heating function extends to the rear split-folding bench while an addition to the front seats is that they are ventilated in the Touring trim. Moreover, there is no leather-covered gear knob or sport pedals but a door-pull interior ambient lighting replaces the absence of such tiny features.

The infotainment system hits the roof of advanced technology when features like Near Field Communication, Wi-Fi Hotspot capability, satellite-linked navigation with live traffic monitor, and HondaLink subscription services come standard on the Accord Touring.


The 2021 Honda Accord has been a great midsize sedan that has lived a life way longer than expected. This has been possible because the Japanese manufacturer has always done something that stood different from its rivals like offering technology, safety, and reliability. With the new Accord lineup, it looks like the 50-year old sedan is now ready to take over comfort in its hands as well while the exteriors look too modern but some find it appealing. Besides, lower prices make it the highest preferred sedan for most of the population in the country while the mileage provided is also very viable for its customers and all other above-mentioned features are very convincing to seal the deal with the 2021 Honda Accord.

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