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One of the Brightest Minds: A Success Story of a B2B and Inside Sales Leader

Whether you're a small aspiring startup or a well-established corporation, you probably know and understand the importance of proper marketing. In some cases, marketing is crucial to the extent of determining whether your business would exist at all. Through the process of strategizing your marketing approach, you not only familiarize yourself with the target audience and potential customers, but you also build and maintain a reputation and expand your business' publicity. Furthermore, as you strengthen these bonds with your potential customers, you increase your sales and create revenue options.

Photo: Vlad Goloshuk's personal archive

However, when it comes to some of the challenges regarding marketing, 63% of companies state that their greatest concern is generating traffic and leads. The problem, of course, does not always lie in quantity, but rather in the quality of the leads and their conversion rate. Therefore, quality lead generation is considered somewhat of an art form, one that is performed by leading sales specialists, who have made it their goal to optimize and refine the field. One of those standout experts is B2B Sales Growth Hacker and Top 25 Inside Sales Leader, Vlad Goloshuk.

It would seem that Goloshuk's career began when he graduated with his BA in Management and Information Systems with Honors, at Liverpool John Moores University. However, it was during his studies that he began specializing in global network operations, and worked as a Senior Analyst of Global Operations at Mastercard.

During that time, growing professionally was one of his key priorities certifying in Cisco, MSITP, Juniper, Google Apps, Linux, and Security Engineering. Throughout these experiences, he has successfully managed substantial projects for different companies, before moving on to the mentoring. Thanks to his ingenuity and thorough comprehension of software security, and B2B expertise, Goloshuk mentored at the Google for Entrepreneurs' Startup Weekend.

Armed with an impressive set of B2B skills, Goloshuk was now able to take the market of marketing and advertising by a storm. In 2017 he founded and is currently CEO, the Brightest minds company, a B2B sales, lead generation, and conversion agency. Once again, appealing to his strong suit, Goloshuk took it upon himself to focus on the SaaS and Online B2B fields. Yet, Goloshuk's methods attest to his approach not just in marketing but also in business; he states that to this day, despite his multiple managerial responsibilities, he takes the occasional sales call, to relate and communicate with his customers.

Having profound insights on the market as a whole, as well as the perspective of individual potential and existing customers, allows Goloshuk a deep understanding of the needs both marketers and consumers have. And in 2019, he founded CriticalHop, an AI Kubernetes Failure Prevention Platform, focusing on assisting businesses to minimize risks, thus, ensuring the integrity of their products - which is, of course, crucial when opting for reliable product marketing; Goloshuk finds a direct approach is always best.

He conveys this approach in the message in instills in his data-driven B2B lead generation. To him, the language marketers use when addressing their audience should be simple, and should appeal to the customer's most basic needs, and therefore, answers those needs even before selling the product. His method points to an extensive understanding of what people want and needs and strives to perfect the services that we all consume. Proving once again, that the brightest of ideas are also the simplest ones, those that we can all relate to and apply with ease.

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