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'She'll never recover': Jeremy Renner's leg may have to be amputated

Recently, actor Jeremy Renner was in a horrific car accident that forced him to be placed in intensive care and operated on while he was in critical condition. The aftermath of the accident revealed shocking changes in his health. According to a number of media statements citing friends, the actor may never be able to walk again. He writes about it fandom wire.

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Jeremy Renner is best known for playing the Marvel superhero Hawkeye and William Brandt in Mission: Impossible.

After a recent accident the actor's friends fear that he will never be able to walk again.

The accident occurred on the first days of the new year, when Jeremy Renner was at his residence in Tahoe, where he spends time with his family. One of his friends' car got stuck in the snow, and to clean it up, Renner brought in a Sno-Cat, a snowplow that weighs nearly 14,5 pounds (6,5 tons). The actor managed to get the car out of the snow, then he went out to inspect it. At this time, the Sno-Cat suddenly began to roll in the snow and ran into Jeremy when he was trying to get into the driver's seat to stop the moving car.

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After that, an ambulance was called, and Renner was airlifted to the hospital, where he remained unconscious for several hours in the intensive care unit. But the actor was able to get out of danger, now he is awake in a critical but stable condition. Many friends were concerned about his condition, and fellow MCU members offered their support and prayed for Jeremy Renner's speedy recovery.

On the evening of January 13, the actor posted on Instagram story, where he showed how he was being taken to the procedure, and wished everyone a “special night”.

From bloggers to celebrities from Hollywood and beyond, everyone expressed their love and support for the two-time Oscar nominee. The news reports say that although the doctors managed to deal with the actor's severe chest injury, they could not do much about his leg, which was run over by a snowplow.

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After the initial shock of Jeremy Renner's condition in the intensive care unit, family members and fans are relieved that the actor's condition is stable. But since the machine severely crushed the bones of his leg, the leading doctors came to the logical conclusion that it might have to be amputated - it was not recoverable.

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