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'He was very close': Black bear came to enjoy lunch at family picnic in Mexico

A Mexican family managed to stay calm when a black bear interrupted their birthday picnic, jumped on the table and ate their lunch. In a video that has gone viral on social media, Sylvia Macias protects her son inches from a bear as it feasts on his tacos and enchiladas. Writes about this CBS News.

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Macias traveled from her home in Mexico City to Chipinque Park to celebrate the birthday of her son Santiago, who has Down syndrome.

Shortly after they sat down at the picnic table, a black bear appeared, jumped on the table and began eating French fries, enchiladas, tacos and salsa in front of them. The video, shot by Macias' friend Angela Chapa, shows the mother sitting stoically, inches from the bear's mouth, hugging Santiago and covering his eyes with her hand.

According to her, she tried to keep her son's eyes and her own downcast so that the bear would not consider this a challenge.

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“The worst thing was that Santiago could get scared,” Macias said. – Santiago is very afraid of animals. A cat or a dog – any animal frightens him greatly.”

“I had to close his eyes because I didn’t want him to see him and scream or run away. I was afraid that if he got scared, he would scream or scare the bear, and it would react,” she admitted.

Macias said she and Chapa had thought ahead about the possibility of encountering a bear—bears are not uncommon in the park, although they usually come out around dawn or dusk rather than midday. Just in case, the friends developed a plan.

“We're going to play a game where we close Santiago's eyes and act like statues,” she recalls rehearsing the plan. That’s exactly what they did: Santiago remained motionless, although, as his friends said, “the bear was very close to us, we heard him growl, how he ate, we smelled him. He was really very close."

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Eventually, their friend Angela threw an enchilada to the side to distract the bear so Macias and his son were able to slowly walk away.

According to Be Bear Aware, the black bear population in North America is approximately 600 and is an endemic species.

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