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Window of opportunity: why the political crisis in the USA is a chance for Ukrainians

How the Democrats' Congress Attempt Ends impeach President Trump, not even the initiators know. How this will affect US support for Ukraine is also an open question. And it depends on a large number of factors: President Trump’s personal relationship with President Zelensky, domestic political interests during the difficult pre-election period, the transfer of authority from some officials in the State Department to others, and more.

But it is safe to say that the word "Ukraine" will not come off the TV screens and newspaper pages for a long time. And this makes it possible to submit information about Ukraine, which is not directly related to the political scandal in Washington. The so-called gate-keepers, or gate guards, as the editors of the media in the USA call, have opened their gates.

This has already become noticeable in the American press. For example, The Washington Post publishes Article Researchers at the Wilson Institute, Nina Yankovich, “5 Myths of Ukraine”, where myths are created, one after the other, created not without the help of Russian propaganda.

“Corruption remains one of the biggest challenges in reforming Ukraine. But the government has made serious progress. An electronic government procurement system has been introduced. A system of electronic declarations has been introduced for all government officials, including the president and prime minister, which is fully open and accessible to the public. The new parliament of Ukraine voted to remove immunity from its members, ”the author debunks myth No. 4 that Ukraine is hopelessly corrupt.

“And what does Ukraine think of the scandal in Washington?” Articles with such and similar names appeared in several publications at once - Slate, Politico, VOA and others.

The authoritative publication Defense News publishes a review material on US military assistance to Ukraine. Many ordinary Americans may not read it, but this material will help other American journalists who have become involved in Ukrainian topics and are trying to figure it out. I know, because reporters asked me and I sent them to this article. Experts from Ukraine immediately became in demand by the American media.

In articles related to the scandal or not, where Ukraine is mentioned, more and more comments by Ukrainian politicians, political scientists, public figures, and journalists appear. For all my life I have not seen or heard as many quotes by the executive director of the Center for Combating Corruption Daria Kalenyuk as in the past two weeks. If one of the Ukrainian figures knows how and wants to write op-eds, now is the time to offer them.

Even Tom Cruise benefited from a wave of interest in Ukraine. Earlier, news agencies would have reported a meeting of a Hollywood actor with the Ukrainian president. This week is all the mainstream media. On CNN, the news of Cruz’s meeting with Zelensky stayed at the top of the webpage all day.

At the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA, they were pleasantly surprised how widespread their tweet was that they should write not the Ukraine, but Ukraine, Kyiv, not Kiev. It was re-enacted by many American media, and some wrote on the basis of this. Articles.

Even in the canteen of the school where my son is studying, they finally hung out the Ukrainian flag, which I passed to them four years ago (or maybe it's different). Flags of all the countries from which children studying at this school, or their parents, are hung around the room’s perimeter on the wall.

And this is when the opinion of ordinary Americans about Ukraine matters. The US election campaign has already begun, but most Democratic candidates have not formulated their position on Russian aggression in Ukraine. The greater the liking of US voters for Ukraine, the tougher the candidates will be for Russia. Earlier, in the internal party debates among the democrats, the topic of Ukraine and Russia was not raised. We expect that it will be heard at the next debate on October 15. The general discourse on this topic that is just beginning, I suppose, will affect the official policy of the current US administration.

But in order to use this “window of opportunity”, you need time, effort, a clear understanding of your interests and a desire to defend them.

The original column is published on the website. Ukrainian service "Voices of America".

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