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Huge destruction and many victims: one of the worst floods in the history of the state hit Kentucky

In Kentucky on the night of July 28, there was a large-scale flood. State Governor Andy Beshear said it likely caused massive property damage and there would be many casualties. Writes about it USA Today.

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The flood caused serious damage to buildings.

“We believe that, unfortunately, we will lose a lot of Kentuckians, and many Kentuckians will probably lose most of what they have,” he said.

Beshear declared a state of emergency and mobilized the National Guard.

General Hal Lamberton reported that brigades were rescuing people stranded on rooftops. According to him, school staff also found themselves in a difficult situation.

More than 28 inches (6 cm) of rain fell on the morning of Thursday, July 15, flooding the streets. A flood warning is in effect for several counties until noon Thursday, July 28, according to the National Weather Service in Jackson, KY.

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In Perry County, 20 people are missing, Deputy Sheriff Scott Sandlin said. According to him, the region suffered from severe flooding, several bridges and roads were flooded with water, and other structures were destroyed.

Several residents and news organizations posted photos, as well as videos on social media, showing water flooding streets in Buckhorn, Breathitt and Perry counties. Chris Bailey, chief meteorologist for WKYT, called it "one of the worst flash floods to ever hit the state."

Dustin Jordan, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Jackson, said Knott County received 6,82 inches (17,3 cm) of rain over the past two days, while Perry and Breathitt counties received 7 inches (17,7 cm) each.

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From the evening of July 28 until July 29, at least 64-1 inches (2-2,5 cm) of rain can be expected south of Highway 5, he said.

Floyd County officials, according to a tweet from Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, have declared a state of emergency due to "heavy rain and flooding." State emergency services were deployed.

There have been more than 20 power outages in eastern Kentucky and nearly 000 more in southern West Virginia, according to

In West Virginia's Greenbrier County, firefighters pulled people out of flooded homes, and Kesler's Cross Lanes Volunteer Fire Department rescued five people stranded in high water while camping in Nicholas County.

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