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One of the most picturesque countries in Europe will pay tourists to visit this summer

Malta will pay travelers money for holidays in the country in the summer of 2021. National Geographic.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry was hit all over the world - people stayed at home, airlines stood idle, hotels and attractions were empty. How to restore the industry after quarantine, in each country, they decide in their own way. For example, Malta is going to offer foreign travelers up to 200 euros per visit to the country, subject to a stay of at least three days.

The new program was presented by the country's tourism minister, Clayton Bartolo. He said that on June 1, most of the restrictions associated with the pandemic will be lifted in the country. Travelers will be able to receive the promised funds directly through the hotels in which they are staying.

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The amount will depend on the category of the hotel booked. If the tourist chooses a five-star one, he will receive the maximum payment - 200 euros. Vacationers in four-star hotels will receive 150 euros, three-star hotels - 100 euros. And in the event that the traveler decides to stay at a hotel on the island of Gozo, north of Malta, financial support will increase by 10%.

“This scheme aims to ensure that Malta hotels are as competitive as possible as international tourism resumes,” said Clayton Bartolo.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council. More than 27% of Malta's economy is directly or indirectly from the tourism industry and the sector suffered severe damage during the pandemic.

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If in 2019 more than 2,7 million foreign travelers arrived in Malta, then during the year of the pandemic their number decreased by 80%.

We add that in Malta 42% of adults have already received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. This is the highest vaccination rate in the European Union.

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