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One of the main threats to Ukraine’s national security is “Russia’s aggressive policy”

The National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine adopted a national security strategy for the country up to 2020. This is the press service of the National Security Council.

“The strategy is designed to implement national security policy priorities by 2020, as well as reforms provided for in the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU and the Sustainable Development Strategy “Ukraine - 2020,” the report notes.

“The main thing in the Strategy is the creation of a new system for ensuring national security and defense, capable of guaranteeing state sovereignty and territorial integrity Ukraine from the entire range of possible threats, primarily from armed aggression,” the National Security and Defense Council emphasized.

During the meeting, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that this strategy should include the possibility of gaining NATO membership. He added that cooperation with the Alliance, as well as “commitment to the EU's common security policy and defense policy, runs like a red thread throughout this document.”

The draft national security strategy was presented on April 9. According to him, the key threats to Ukraine’s national security are “Russia’s aggressive policy.” Corruption, an ineffective public administration system, an economic crisis, limited financial resources of the state and a decline in the standard of living of the population were also named among the threats.

The National Security and Defense Council also approved a set of measures to speed up the construction of fortifications in Donbass. This decision also concerns “strengthening defense capabilities, state security capabilities, and developing the medical care system for military personnel.” “The chairmen of the Donetsk and Transcarpathian regional state administrations received reprimands for failing to meet the deadlines for the construction of defensive lines,” the press service noted.

In addition, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine took decisions on the development of the management system of the military-industrial complex and the improvement of rocket technologies.

“Important decisions have been made regarding the development of the potential and management system of the defense-industrial complex, provision of the armed forces and the national guard with modern weapons and military equipment of national production, and improvement of missile technologies,” the statement said.

In addition, as noted in the press service, it was decided to create a working body of the National Security and Defense Council - an interdepartmental commission on defense-industrial complex issues, and “military threats and possible scenarios for the development of the situation were carefully analyzed.”

The issue of nuclear energy development was also discussed at the meeting. “It is planned to take measures to demonopolize energy markets, diversify sources of income, develop nuclear energy, use hidden reserves of the fuel and energy complex, provide the energy sector with coal of all necessary grades, and prepare for the 2015-2016 heating season,” the press service indicated.

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