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Home alone: ​​what will you do if you have to isolate yourself

The United States and most countries in the world are fighting the coronavirus pandemic by introducing quarantine measures. People are encouraged to isolate themselves and avoid contact with others.

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However, sitting within four walls is not fun. To have fun, everyone makes their own program for themselves. ForumDaily is interested to know what our readers are having fun in quarantine or how they plan to spend two weeks if they have to isolate themselves (you can choose up to three answer options).

What will you do in quarantine if you have to isolate yourself?
  • to do the cleaning, having sorted the rubble accumulated over the years, “what if it comes in handy” 24%, 15 of votes
    15 of votes 24%
    15 votes - 24% of all votes
  • watch films 21%, 13 of votes
    13 of votes 21%
    13 votes - 21% of all votes
  • read books 19%, 12 of votes
    12 of votes 19%
    12 votes - 19% of all votes
  • take some training course 13%, 8 of votes
    8 of votes 13%
    8 votes - 13% of all votes
  • play computer games 8%, 5 of votes
    5 of votes 8%
    5 votes - 8% of all votes
  • work from home 8%, 5 of votes
    5 of votes 8%
    5 votes - 8% of all votes
  • to do physical exercises 6%, 4 vote
    4 vote 6%
    4 votes - 6% of all votes
  • do it yourself 0%, 0 of votes
    0 of votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
  • have not thought about it yet 0%, 0 of votes
    0 of votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
Total votes: 62
Voted: 27
March 17, 2020 - March 24, 2020
Poll closed

If you have not decided yet, then we have put together several options for boring leisure without leaving your home:

As reported by ForumDaily:

  • A new virus was discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. In 2020, it covered all continents except Antarctica. On March 11, US President Donald Trump imposed a ban on entry from the EU. The ban came into force on Friday, March 13, and will last at least 30 days. In particular, it will concern people who have visited the Schengen area over the past 14 days.
  • March 13, Trump introduced a nationwide emergency regime in the US due to coronavirus.
  • On March 11, WHO recognized the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, which covered more than 110 countries. Symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19 Disease Available here.
  • Virologist's tips on how to protect yourself from infection - link.
  • Taking advantage of the panic in the society because of the epidemic, fraudsters came up with several schemes to deceive victims of personal data and money. The most common ones can be found here.
  • Having succumbed to panic due to a state of emergency, Americans are massively buying toilet paperbut they cannot explain why they need it during the epidemic.
  • Read all news about coronavirus in our special project.
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