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Another participant in the defeat of Gush Katif under investigation by the police

The chief of the Jerusalem police, Niso Shaham, went on forced leave in connection with the investigation of his case in the Israeli police.

Together with him they sent "to rest" and the head of the peripheral police of Jerusalem, Nissim Edri.

A complete ban was imposed on the publication of any details of this case, but journalists and radio commentators guessed its background from the hints of subordinates Shaham and Edri. By 12: 30 was officially announced that it is a question of suspicion of sexual harassment against women subordinates. Edri is suspected of knowing about the crimes of the boss and covering him.

It is expected that the details will be published later in the day.

Temporarily perform the duties of the police chief of the Jerusalem district will Meni Itzhaki, head of the department of state crimes - a division of Lahav 433. Prior to that, Itzhaki served as deputy head of the Jerusalem police.

The name of Shaham is familiar in Israel in connection with the scandal when he got into the camera of opponents of the disengagement in 2005, instructing his subordinates and ordering them to deal brutally with the settlers and assembled to defend them with pogroms and beat them with batons.

At that time, Shaham served as Chief of the Negev District Police. He was later appointed to the position of deputy police chief of Jerusalem, head of the logistics department of the police, until in 2011 he reached the position of chief of the Jerusalem police. .

Right-wing activists have already expressed an opinion about this case. Thus, Rav Shalom Dov Volpe, the founder of the Eretz Israel rescue movement, said that "Niso Shaham joined the long list of people who initiated and carried out the disengagement in the Gaza Strip and were punished for their participation."

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