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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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'Very fun and soulful': filming of the American version of 'Irony of Fate' completed in the USA

Back in the spring of 2021, it became known that Russian director Marius Weisberg is filming the American version of "The Irony of Fate" for the Netflix streaming platform. He recently shared details and how the filming is progressing. Writes about it Glamour.

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According to the director, the new film is called About Fate. He believes that the picture turned out to be very cheerful and sincere. Filming took place in Boston and lasted only 28 days. This is not much, especially considering that due to the pandemic, the film crew had the opportunity to work only five days a week.

The role of Nadia will be performed by the star of the American Horror Story and Scream Queens Emma Roberts. In the American version, she will be called Margot. Zhenya Lukashin will appear before the audience performed by Thomas Mann - the stars of the film "Project X: Dorvali". And Hippolyte will be the star of the action movie "Mortal Kombat" Lewis Tan, although at first Garrett Hedlund was taken on this role. Galya was originally supposed to be played by Britt Robertson, but later Riverdale star Madeline Petsch was cast for the role.

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Marius remembered a funny incident that happened during the filming. According to the plot, the actors had to portray a fight between Ippolit and Zhenya Lukashin, who should fly over a huge cake from a strong blow. The dessert was made in a single copy, so it was very important for Thomas not to touch the multi-storey sweetness and to shoot the plot from the first take.

“The girls in the group closed their eyes and held their breath. There was complete silence. This is one of the most stressful and very funny situations - we were all completely dependent on our main actor. How his coordination was, no one fully understood. They made bets, as I later found out, ”the director shared.

It is known that the picture will be ready in January. However, the release date will be announced closer to March.

“I only mix sound in January, and in February we present the film to the market - a big screening will be done in Berlin for all distributors. Therefore, he cannot go out on this New Year in any way. And the next - quite, ”concluded Weisberg.

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The original picture by Eldar Ryazanov was released back in 1976. The audience of the first show is estimated at 100 million viewers. The main roles were played by Andrey Myagkov, Barbara Brylska, Yuri Yakovlev and Lyubov Dobrzhanskaya. The public liked the picture so much that it was shown annually on TV on December 31, and it became a kind of Christmas tradition in post-Soviet countries.

In 2007 Timur Bekmambetov directed the sequel “The Irony of Fate. Continuation ”, starring Sergei Bezrukov, Konstantin Khabensky and Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Although the film received many negative reviews, it was able to gross $ 55,6 million at the box office with a budget of $ 5 million.

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