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Training with a guarantee of employment: how to get a new specialty and work in the USA in a month

Many immigrants who have achieved success in the United States say that what led them to their dream jobs was chance—an unplanned meeting, a chance phrase, or the ability to see an opportunity where others saw a problem or routine. This is exactly the situation now in the United States - a problem that actually creates the opportunity for many to get a promising job after just a few weeks of training. For example, the United States is now facing a shortage of many employees due to the retirement of the baby boomer generation. In addition, people are living longer, which leads to the aging of the nation. Problems? Yes! At the state level, this is certainly a challenge. However, for the average American or immigrant, this is an opportunity to get a job. All these baby boomers need care and supervision. There are many of them, there are not enough caregivers for everyone, and their projected longevity only increases the shortage of Home Health Aids. This is how a problem turns into an opportunity.

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How to become a Home Health Aid in the USA

As explained to us at the New York School of Medical Professions Concord rusam, it is possible to become a Home Health Aid (HHA) in the United States in a few weeks and without previous experience in the medical field.

HHA course at Concord Rusam involves 84 hours of training, including 8 hours of clinical practice in a hospital, which allows you to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to work as a nurse in America. During this course, students gain the skills to help people of all ages who need home care (the elderly, the disabled, patients after hospitalization and people with chronic diseases). The school offers morning and evening classes as well as weekend classes. Therefore, you can master the specialty of a nurse in the United States at a time convenient for you, without leaving your old job and without breaking your usual family routine.

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Where Home Health Aid Can Work

Despite the speed and ease of mastering this specialty, there is a shortage of Home Health Aids in the United States, so finding a job as a home care specialist or caregiver in America will not be difficult. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2019 to 2029, the number of vacancies for such specialists will increase by 34% and will continue to grow in the 2030s. For comparison, on average for other specialties, the projected growth will be about 4%. Moreover, each of its graduates Concord rusam provides a list of Home Health Aids employing Home Health Aids who have completed courses at this renowned school that has earned itself a good reputation over 15 years among employers looking for healthcare professionals with a high level of knowledge and understanding of the work.

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How much are Home Health Aid paid in America

According to employment site Glassdoor, these professionals are paid an average of about $ 30 a year. The pay of nurses in America is highly dependent on staff and experience. Home Health Aid is most profitable in Nevada, California, New York, but Alabama pays them less than other regions. At the same time, the payment is decent everywhere, and with a lot of experience, you can earn in the region of $ 50 thousand per year.

Responsibilities of a Home Care Professional

A U.S. Caregiver (or Home Health Aid) helps clients with daily tasks at home or in a care setting:

  • control over the intake of drugs prescribed to clients;
  • help with routine medical or daily activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, getting around;
  • help is possible in buying groceries, preparing food, light cleaning and washing;
  • organization of physical and mental exercises for patients;
  • accompanying clients at medical appointments;
  • adherence to a specific client care plan and a report on completed tasks after each visit.

All this you will be taught on Home Health Aid course at Concord Rusam... In addition, the school will explain how to establish an emotional connection with the client, which is incredibly important in such a job, as well as help to write a professional resume and prepare for the interview.

All classes are held in small groups under the guidance of bilingual teachers, so even those who are not yet ready to communicate fluently in English can successfully prepare for the exam and receive certificates that allow them to work in any American state.

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