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Aggravation of the conflict in the Middle East: a Ukrainian showed a bomb shelter room in an Israeli apartment

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is escalating. International observers warn of the possibility of a full-scale war. The shelling of recent days has become a nightmare for the locals. Ukrainian Artemy Shvedov lives in Tel Aviv. He told Air forcehow people are preparing for missile strikes and showed a bomb shelter arranged in their apartment.

Photo: Shutterstock

“Over the past day, there have been 6 or 7 alarms - a loud siren that covers all sounds. This means that you have about a minute to find the nearest shelter and barricade yourself in it, ”Artemy laments.

“The first alarm sounded yesterday (May 12) at about 21:00. Rockets are flying from the south. They fly in an arc. They look like shooting stars. They fly very fast: if you see them in the air, it means that you have little time to run and hide somewhere, ”the Ukrainian continues. "It's very unpleasant to sit in your apartment and hear explosions outside the window."

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On TV, Israelis are told how to properly protect themselves during the bombing.

“First you have to close the door, then the windows. After that, you should sit as far away from the windows as possible and wait, ”he explains.

The door to the bomb shelter room. Screenshot from BBC video

“There are bunkers and bomb shelters in almost every building in Israel. In modern apartments, there are such bomb shelters in one of the rooms. These rooms can be distinguished by special metal doors. They are very thick, hermetically and very tightly closed, says the Ukrainian. - There are special metal covers on the windows, which are also tightly closed to protect against a direct missile hit. The walls in such a room do not allow any signals to pass through and should protect against a rocket explosion. "

Metal casing on the windows. Screenshot from BBC video

"Among other things, these rooms have a special ventilation system that can be turned on in the event of a fire or chemical attack, and it will filter all the air entering the room," he says.

Ventilation system. Screenshot from BBC video

Cancellation of flights

Due to the fact that the airport in Tel Aviv has become one of the targets of rocket attacks by Palestinian militants, American airlines are canceling their flights, writes Voice of America.

For example, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta reported the suspension of flights until at least Thursday (May 13), and in the case of United Airlines, until Saturday (May 15).

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But they said they were observing the situation and were not sure when they would be able to resume flights.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • On the evening of May 7 in Jerusalem there were clashes between Palestinians and police... As a result, 205 Palestinians and 17 Israeli police officers were injured in the incident. The collision took place at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The situation escalated with the threat of eviction of Palestinian families from the eastern part of the city.
  • Palestinians tried to throw stones at police. In response, they used rubber bullets and tear gas.
  • The Al-Aqsa Mosque - one of the most revered shrines of Islam - is located in the heart of old Jerusalem. There is also a sacred site for the Jews - the Temple Mount. It often becomes a hotbed of conflict and violence.
  • On May 10, the Israeli police, using tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets, faced Palestinians throwing stones, at a sacred site in Jerusalem, is a new episode in a series of clashes that threatened to push the contested city into wider conflict.
  • As of May 12, Hamas fighters have already fired over a thousand rockets at Israel, the Israeli army is responding with airstrikes on Gaza, and in Israel itself, local Arabs have staged pogroms and arson in several places. There are at least 250 wounded on both sides.

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