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How expensive is Obamacare in 2017?



The Obama administration has published data that the cost of the contribution to the most popular silver plan will grow, on average, by 22% by 2017 a year. In Oklahoma, according to Time, the plan will go up by 42%, in Tennessee by 39%, Minnesota, Cororado and Arizona - by 25%. For comparison, last year insurance premiums increased by 7,5%.

In the state of New York, where Obamacare 350 enjoy thousands of residents, insurance, according to Department of Financial Services, will rise in price by 16.6%. Today (before the price hike) the silver plan costs the New Yorker $ 600-800 and, according to forecasts Department of HealthIn 2017, more than 40% of clients may refuse it. And 20% of insurance companies, therefore, can go out of business and apply for banktort.

To find out what the price of your insurance plan will be, you can go to the portal healthcare.govwhich provides Obamacare services to residents of 38 states. The remaining states have their own partners. Therefore, if you live, for example, in New York, then you will automatically be redirected to local sitewhere you can view and compare different insurance plans and find out if you can count on financial assistance from the state. On analyzed where and at what percentage of the cost of insurance for 27-year-old resident of the United States.

What does this mean for Obamacare customers?
Most bought ObamaCare ( 83% - this is just under 9 million Americans) - next year they will pay less for health insurance - thanks to government subsidies. Such a program participant spends a certain percentage of their income, and the government pays for the rest. These people most likely will not be affected by the increase in insurance premiums. But the remaining 17% Obamacare customers who will not receive subsidies will face a choice: to pay more for the former plan or switch to another one, writes Vox.

Officials, meanwhile, say consumers will be able to choose from an average of 30 different insurance plans, giving them a wide variety of coverage pricing options. On average, there are 10 plans for one insurer. But opportunities vary from state to state, and residents of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Alabama will be very limited in their choices in 2017. CNBC.

Why insurance is expensive?

Insurance premiums on ObamaCare are growing, mainly due to the fact that people's health turned out to be worse than insurance companies had expected. This has led some health insurance companies to leave the market. 2017 will close 17 from Obama's 23 sites by XNUMXcare. It has become known that public exchanges are leaving UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Humana and Blue Cross / Blue Shield. In particular, UnitedHealthcare announced that the losses this year would be about $ 1 billion. The remaining insurers were faced with the need to raise insurance premiums in order to cover all their clients' medical bills.

Program perspectives

The 2010 health care reform of the year involves subsidies to the poor for health insurance. At the same time, all Americans are obliged to buy medical insurance, which in the United States is the most expensive in the world. Obamacare causes a mixed reaction in society: according to polls, about half of Americans believe that it should be canceled, writes For insurer.

Residents of the United States may lose health insurance in the event that the Republican nominee Donald Trump, who plans to curtail the Obamacare project, becomes President of the United States.

According to the program of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the number of health insurance holders may increase by 9 million, according to RAND analytical center.

It is worth noting that Americans have a choice - to use private medical insurance, as well as the state program Medicade. But for those who do not have medical insurance at all, they face a fine - about 2,5% of their annual income reminds Time.

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