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Obama threatens Israel with Iranian revenge for disrupting a nuclear deal

The US President made another attempt to convince the Israeli leadership that it was taking an erroneous position with regard to Iranian deal. During a meeting with 22 leaders of the US Jewish community, Barack Obama said that torpedoing a treaty with Tehran in Congress would be a disaster for Israel.

According to the head of the White House, if US senators reject the agreement and Iran comes out of it, the US will have to solve the problem by military means, and this will mean "a rocket attack on Tel Aviv by Hezbollah" сообщает Ynet.

Barack Obama also explained why Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to meet with him, saying that the Israeli prime minister perceives this “as surrender.”

At 18:00 (Israeli time) Obama will address the nation, in which he will once again outline his arguments on this issue. “Those who voted for the war in Iraq (members of Congress - editor's note) are now calling for an attack on Iran. Canceling the deal would be a historical mistake,” an unnamed source in the White House quoted a fragment of the American president’s future speech.

On the eve, the head of the Israeli government also addressed representatives of the Jewish lobby in the USA, again calling on community leaders to take all possible measures to prevent Congress from approving an agreement with the Ayatollah regime.

“The nuclear deal does not block Iran’s path to creating an atomic bomb, but paves it. The worst thing is that Tehran now has two options for producing nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said.

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