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Obama urged Americans not to fear terrorist attacks for the holidays


According to the president, on the eve of the holiday law enforcement agencies of the United States are on high alert. Photo: White House

On the eve of Thanksgiving, President Barack Obama made a televised address in which he declared that the authorities are taking all possible measures to ensure the safety of Americans in the holiday season.

According to Obama, there is currently no specific information about upcoming terrorist attacks in the United States, but after attacks in paris the level of concern in the country has increased dramatically. Concerning US law enforcement agencies are on high alert.

“You can understand people who are worried that something like this could happen here,” said Obama. “But now we don’t have any specific and reliable data that an attack could be prepared in the United States, and this is confirmed by the latest information that I have just received.”

Tuesday the US State Department issued a notice for Americans traveling around the world, warning their citizens about "increased terrorist threats." According to the State Department, such extremist groups like the Islamic State, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram, and others continue to “plan attacks” in different countries.

As reported earlier by the "Forum", representatives of the extremist organization "Islamic State" published a video threatening to carry out attack on the capital of the United States Washington.

Obama, in his address on the eve of Thanksgiving, promised to continue the persecution of the militants of the Islamic State, "wherever they hide."

Speaking the other day in Malaysia, the US president also promised destroy the terrorist group "Islamic State" and return back the territory in which the extremists settled.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. From this day in the country begins the holiday season, which includes Christmas and New Year.

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