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Medical insurance Obamacare not expensive

Health insurance for about three million people living in the United States will not grow next year. President Barack Obama signed the bill (The Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees Act), which makes important changes to the so-called Obamacare program.

The law somewhat changes the definition of small business, but the result of this small amendment is that 150 thousands of small businesses can save thousands of dollars. In the original version of the law, companies with less than 50 employees were subject to special rules. They demanded special insurance, which cost the employer a large amount. Starting from the 2016 year, such rules should have been extended to businesses where they work from 51 to 100 employees.

The new version of the law gives states the right to decide how to classify the organizations in which they work from 51 to 100 employees. If they are designated in some other way than a small business, this means that the size of health insurance for people working in an enterprise will not grow. Previously it was assumed that it will increase by 18% or more.

In addition, these changes will also lead to an increase in the taxable income of workers, which will result in 280 million dollars of additional income to the federal treasury over 10 years. This money will go to support medical reform.

Changes to the law on the minimum insurance payment were adopted in Washington unanimously and signed by the president without discussion and fanfare. However, changes to Obamacare without much noise have been made several times already. So, since 2010, Barack Obama has signed at least 14 bills (eight of which were represented by Republicans). They made significant changes to the medical reform, which was the most important achievement of his presidency.

Among the most significant changes in medical legislation are the following. In 2011, provisions were removed that required a business to report to the Internal Revenue Service every time it makes a purchase for more than 600 dollars from a single supplier. In 2013, voluntary long-term care insurance was canceled, which the Obama administration found ineffective.

According to Larry Levit, senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, who worked in the field of medical law in the Clinton administration, work continues towards reforming medicine, although the general public is not particularly dedicated to the details.

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