The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.
Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

About Russians in America

Residents of the Russian area of ​​Brighton Beach. Photo: Pavel Terekhov

I want to say at once: speaking further in the text “Russians in America”, I mean all peoples who speak Russian (Belarusians, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Moldovans, etc.).

How I would divide Russians in America

Probably by age.

Young, who arrived in 18-30 years. These are students who came for valuable American education, and those who came by exchange - work and travelas well as young families, etc. It is easier for young people to learn English, they are easily drawn into a new culture. As a result, get a job here and remain. Many create a family here.

I think this is the most adequate category of Russian immigrants. They are more open, easier to contact.

Middle-aged - 30-45 years. These are people who have already decided on immigration. Mostly they had a livelihood in their homeland, but someone did not like something, someone just won a green card in the lottery, someone had major problems and needed to leave the country. Such people were born in the Soviet Union, where they spent their childhood. These immigrants already have more Russian. It’s harder for them to reorganize in a new way and start from scratch.

I must say that the United States is not a cheap country, and loaders and vendors come here rarely. And this means that in this category of people one can often meet both businessmen and minor officials. At first, they bring suitcases with money, rent good housing, buy expensive cars, someone is trying to do business here. But after six months or a year, the money scatters, and then the worst thing begins - work. And where can they get with bad English and no experience? Only for low-grade work - something to clean, carry, carry ...

There are those who are quite happy with their lives here, but not all. It is painfully difficult for people who have received honor, respect and solid kickbacks to drive an Uber in the United States.

The exception in this category are those who did not come with a lot of money, but with a lot of experience - IT, auto mechanics, builders. These are just the opposite - they earn many times more here and settle down much faster. But there are not many of them.

Since it is difficult to rebuild the bulk of this category, many of them live in Russian. They rent houses in Russian regions, communicate with Russians, find work through Russians. Consequently, the level of English is in place - at zero. Business such categories are also conducted in Russian - they deceive workers, evade taxes, etc. Basically, Russian business is designed for the same Russians who do not know English, which means that prices there are too high.

Brighton Beach residents choose free products that are about to expire. Photo: Pavel Terekhov

Example: my friend changed status from a tourist to a student at a Russian lawyer. They took $ 1000. As he later learned from an American lawyer it costs $ 100, because there is a half an hour job to fill out a couple of forms and send.

Those who come after 45. These are people, not only born, but also raised in the Soviet Union. So rebuild the most difficult, almost impossible. They themselves know that they will no longer be "Americans". Therefore, few people are willing to actively learn the language and learn local professions. The choice to live, except in the Russian areas, they do not have. I would call these people the backbone of the Russian areas - Brighton Beach in New York or Sani Isles in Miami. They will be the first to curse America, but they will not go home, of course.

Board game lovers on Brighton Beach. Photo by Pavel Terekhov

Who are they and how did they get here? Someone left with the collapse of the Union, someone was transported by children, someone won the lottery, and someone is just a major official or a retired oligarch. Based on this, they live. Some for the money of children, others for the money of serfs from Russia. There are those for whom money does not fall from the sky, so they spin as they can, including deceiving their own compatriots.

How do Russians communicate in America?

Everything is different. Those who live and work in a circle of Americans speak English well.

But residents of Russian communities communicate much more interesting. There is no sense in communicating in English, therefore everyone speaks Russian. But at the same time, in English, English words are inserted through the word. Why is that? Because if every day you hear a word in English, then you simply forget how to say it in Russian. And it's easier to insert an English word than to blunt and recall the Russian equivalent of this word.

For example, during my time at the hotel, a dozen different hotel words stuck to me, such as Check-in, check-out, reservation, maintenance, night runner... Accordingly, I also use them in Russian. Try to translate “maytenence” in your head in a couple of seconds. I know this is the dude who fixes anything that breaks in the hotel. I have never even looked at the Russian analogue of this word in the dictionary. Or “night runner” - a dude who runs around the rooms in the evening and delivers everything that guests lack - towels, paper, etc. How can I say this in Russian?

Now imagine the speech of a man who lived 10 years in the Russian quarter. There are exactly 50% English words related to Russian verbs.

There is another example of interesting communication. One aunt worked with me in the hotel, who mixed Russian and English differently. She could speak one sentence in Russian, then two in English, then again in Russian. Or simply came to the company where 2-3 is Russian, and began a conversation with us in English. What for? We did not understand.

How do Americans feel about Russians?

Remember, at the beginning of the post, I said that I would call everyone who speaks Russian Russians. Now, the Americans are doing exactly the same. They do not care if you are Ukrainian or Moldovan, Tajik or Uzbek, if from your lips they hear “Hshpcht arpsh trnde uk card drone” (which is how they hear Russian), then you are Russian.

When I was going to the States, my parents, zombie square object in the center of the room, were a little shocked.

- How to America? They hate Russians! Do you watch the news?

It's a shame that our media are conducting such an active propaganda, and even more insulting that people believe in such propaganda. I think that about 90% of Russians will never visit America, so the impression is formed only by the news from the TV. And you yourself know what news: “A sly American from the state of McHampshire has come up with a new way to raise ** the Russians! Watch the program “Let them talk!” Live. ”

In fact, this is not the case. The only reason they dislike us is because we are inhospitable. Let's not smile again. In all other respects, the Americans, on the contrary, show interest in the Russians. For example, when they find out that I am from Russia, they are always interested in how much I love Putin. This is the standard first question for any American. Then they are surprised when I say that they are not. Well, then comes a series of standard questions - how cold is it here, do I like vodka, etc.

There is absolutely no negative attitude towards Russians! Or, for example, they often ask where I am from. I say: "From Russia." “Oh Rasha! Great! ”.

And you should have seen with what admiration they watch our road wars from the registrars. You will not surprise them with any blockbusters, they were born in this. Another thing is the video from the camera, where people waving baseball bats and crowbars, and around some incomprehensible vehicles from the last century. Then the police arrive, physically more like a squad of Winnie the Poohs. For them, it is like watching a video from a parallel universe.

I recently told my wife: “Maybe I’ll buy a bat too, suddenly I’ll accidentally drive into the ghetto, even though there’s something to brush aside.”

And she told me: "So they'll shoot you right away!"

Thought that America is really somehow differently arranged ????

So, maybe someone will not believe it, but the Americans have completely different problems. Russian they nafig not rested. They already have an established lifestyle, with their wages, taxes and other things. They are more concerned about how their president performs the duties. And if we are talking about immigrants, then first of all there is no end of Hispanics. Russian they absolutely do not interfere.

How do Russians treat Russians?

Images from the film "Brother-2"

This topic is more interesting. Remember the joke about the forums of different countries:

American forum. Ask a question, they answer you.

Israeli forum. Ask a question, you are answered with a question.

Russian forum. You ask a question and for a long time they prove to you what an asshole you are.

Go to any forum about America, and make sure that on 1000% this anecdote is true.

After all, any move begins with the search for information. I want to know how those who have already immigrated live and work. I want to find some useful info, get some useful tips. But, as they say in that joke, advice, besides the fact that you are an asshole, you will not get. This sracha, as in the forums about America, I have never met.

For example, some naive fool would ask: how can I find a job?

Oooo. It will simply be torn to pieces. - Yes, what the hell are you going to America for ?! There are hundreds like you! What is going to do here? Another one in line for benefits! At home, learn first, learn English, get an education, then drive!

Even before my arrival, I re-read a dozen forums, reviewed a hundred video channels on YouTube, re-read a bunch of blogs, in general I prepared for the trip as it should. Almost everywhere the same thought flashed across: don't talk to Russians in America, don't trust Russians in America, and stuff like that. Typically, this was followed by examples of Russians deceiving Russians. Therefore, having studied the material carefully, I decided that it was true that communication with Russians should be minimized, and all business with Russians should be checked a hundred times so as not to fall for another scam.

And after the moment of crossing the border begins a kind of race - rat race. Who grabs the jackpot. Who will settle faster, who will quickly find a job, etc.

After arriving in the States in the first few days, we met several more families who arrived at the same time as we did, give or take a couple of weeks or a month. Communication with such immigrants takes place on standard topics: how did you arrive? and from what city? and what did you do? and here what will you do?

And although we tried not to do any business together, communication was still not limited. Thought why not? It is useful to make acquaintances, maybe someone will help with work, someone else with what. But it's important to understand that absolutely everyone thinks the same way. And this is the first bell. No one on arrival in the states meets just for the sake of acquaintance. Everyone is looking for benefits. At least 9 out of 10 people. For example, some of our friends, as soon as they found out that I speak English, immediately began to pester them with requests - maybe you can go with us to the bank to open cards? and maybe we will reach the communication salon, issue sim cards? And so on, etc. It seems that the requests are simple, but on the other hand, when you live in a hotel, eat at McDonald's, and every day you have minus $ 100-150 from your pocket, then you want to go first turn to improve your life, not someone else's.

Despite all the promises to himself not to do business with the Russians, this is very difficult to do. There is one reason - at first you have practically no local documents, not to mention a credit history. So how does undocumented and history rent a house and find a job? Only in Russian or with the help of Russian. As a result, we got a little bit with housing due to communication with the Russians.

Фото: Depositphotos

In general, the point is - do not do business with Russians in America. Never! You can communicate, be friends - yes. But as soon as the conversation turns to money - no! There are many examples of how Russians breed Russians.

Don't think that every Russian in America is a swindler. There are also honest people who are really ready to help and make new acquaintances.

But I still do not advise you to find out who is a swindler and who is not. Just communicate with everyone, and do not give money to anyone.

Who do Russians work in America?

Of course, there are a lot of IT specialists. I am proud that there are so many good programmers from Russia, and I even envy them a little. These guys earn the most here, and work is found almost immediately, going down the ramp. Well, actually behind this they fly here.

If we talk about small business, then the first position among the Russians is moving (movers / crossings) and cleaning (cleaning). Only a lazy Russian does not open a moving company in America.

Those who are less experienced and do not have the money to start a business simply work in such a company - they are loading / cleaning.

There is a lot of Russian truck drivers. It would seem, well, not the most attractive profession. But no, on the contrary, it attracts with money. Truck drivers get from 5 to 10-12 thousands of greens per month. Based on communication with my acquaintance, who has just unlearned, the situation on the market is as follows.

Фото: Depositphotos

Studying for rights is free, because the company where you will work in the future is obliged to pay for you. After studying for a license, hundreds of job offers are poured into the mail. As you can imagine, there is a shortage of truckers in the States. Working conditions are also human. You cannot drive more than the prescribed time - there is a limiter device. Roads in the States are just heaven on earth, driving is a pleasure. Lots of roadside cafes, motels, and more. The company pays for hotel accommodation on business trips. In case of a breakdown on the road, just call the roadside assistance service.

From the stories of my friend, the Russians work like this - they plow a whole month without days off (I don’t know how they manage to deceive the rest system). Then, at the end of the month, take a weekend 3-4 and rent an expensive hotel with a jacuzzi, coke and prostitutes. Like that. In this mode, 2-4 work, then open their company, someone buys houses, etc.

It was the top professions. Naturally, Russians work in all spheres, I just listed the most popular ones.


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