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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

About Russia and America frankly

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By God, I can’t understand when people take offense at me and accuse me of writing one-sidedly—only good things about America, only bad things about Russia. It feels like people only have one eye on my page if they see exactly 50% of the information. Of course, I’m not obligated to explain anything to anyone at all - tea, I’m not writing for money here. But okay. I'm good today.

Yes, the New York subway is more convenient than the Moscow one, it has 500 stations and facilities for the disabled, it is open XNUMX hours a day and the cars are air-conditioned, but at the same time it is dirty, smelly in places, and the trains are often late, the stations are stuffy, and there are rats on the rails .

Yes. Any dirty homeless person will be accepted into the hospital emergency room and will be saved until the end, like any other patient. Any illegal immigrant is the same way. Yes, they will issue an invoice later. Yes, many illegal immigrants do not pay their bills, but respectable Americans do. But everyone is saved equally.

Yes, in the USA they are required to admit any child to school, illegal or legal... - nobody cares. If a child does not speak English, he will be enrolled in free education and taught. Yes, no one here is indignant if a child comes to school and does not know the language.

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Yes, American women are not fat and not scary. Moreover, if you are not a slender beauty with a well-groomed body and face, but are extremely impressionable, I do not advise you to go to Los Angeles. This is a city of very beautiful people, especially women. Most are American.

Yes, feminist is not a dirty word, and it’s not a fat scary woman who pays for dinner herself and won’t let you open the door for her. This is just a woman who respects herself. Yes, American women generally love and respect themselves more than Russian women. And yes, no one runs to work in stiletto heels in the morning to stop the horse, they just feel sorry for their legs. But they go out in full dress. And, I repeat, beautiful.

Yes, American TV is more interesting than Russian TV - more diverse and of better quality. Yes, it’s easy to distinguish the Democratic channel from the Republican one - on the first, Trump looks like a completely orange idiot, on the second, Clinton looks like an old witch. And if you see a cool show on a Russian channel, there is a very high probability that the rights to copy it were bought from the United States. But there is no “What, where, when?”, and an analogue of the program about the search for missing people was taken from the USSR.

Yes, in America there are almost no stray dogs on the streets, but in the same New York shelters thousands of dogs are killed a year. And even more cats. An increasing number of American states are passing a law under which pet stores can only sell animals from a shelter. Here you can get 15 and 20 years in prison for animal abuse. And yes, there are illegal dog battles, on which the immoral people of dohrena earn.

Yes, in Hollywood they make an incredible amount of good and even more bad films. There are good American actors, there are bad ones, but in general, the level of acting is surprising. American TV shows are filmed at the highest level. Actors play well in them, and often in prime time they collect from the screens, if not all, then most of the country.

Yes, education at school is different from Russian. It is different and wonderful. After him, American schoolchildren easily study at American universities, which have long been recognized as one of the best in the world.

Yes, in the US, many people are involved in charity. Children are literally taught this at school. The best universities in the country give preference to those students who were volunteers. There are an incredible number of charitable organizations in the country that really help.

Yes, studying in the USA is not cheap. But if a student is talented and from a poor family, then even Harvard will take him to study for free, Princeton will take him, etc. A talented child will never be left without an education - universities fight to get smart children. The rest take out loans and, yes, pay them back throughout their lives, but often not because the loan is huge, but because they pay small amounts per month. But the loan can also be huge.

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Yes, Americans do not care about the Russians. They don’t suck on bones in social networks to Putin. And they do not know that at the Olympics they fought with Russia, as if the Third World was outside. They just went for medals. Americans are also caught on doping, and sometimes coaches of sportsmen themselves are also deprived of awards and so on.

Yes, Americans are spiritual and will never refuse to help. The neighbors here know each other, go to visit with the pies, and still have parties for the whole block or a small quarter. Here you can always pour out the soul of an American girlfriend. But it is better to go to a psychologist, because he is a professional and not as biased as a girlfriend.

Yes, American men do not know how to survive as Russians. They just needlessly. But they are not stupid at all, and if necessary, they learn instantly, especially since many of them have scouts behind their backstage camps.

Yes, in America, many do amazing things with their own hands, it is full of their Lefties.

Yes, in the USA there are museums at every turn. Almost every small town has some kind of museum, often private.

Yes, in the USA there is not, and probably there will not be a system of circles and sections, which was in the USSR and is in Russia. Children are busy here in the summer: a lot of free activities, but for any circle and section you have to pay. And usually pay a lot.

Yes, in America, children start working early. They can ride a stroller up to 5 for years, they don’t have to wear a diaper late, they get on their feet earlier and go into independent life earlier.

Yes, American people live longer and, most importantly, better. Old age is not a sentence here, but simply a part of life. Many people work into old age. Your age is not a reason not to start a career from scratch or not work as a cashier.

And yes, Americans generally look better than Russians. Russian men in general look worse than American. Men who have emigrated often look better than those who remain. Not all, but very, very many. Ecology, stress, bad habits ... The situation with women is the same.

I understand that if you want to be offended, you can always find something to do with it. But I write what I write. If someone doesn't like it, it's not my problem - don't read it.

PS And yes, American mothers are the same selfless mothers, like any other. And even better. They are not cold, they do not drive children out of the house when they reach 18. And their calm and respect for the child still need to learn.

Original text reprinted with permission from page Facebook.

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