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What Trump was talking about before Congress: 5 main topics

US President Donald Trump delivered a State of the Union message to the US Congress.

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The speech - including the constant standing ovation by the Republicans - lasted one hour and twenty minutes. In about 5 thousand words, questions of domestic policy, including the economic bloc, and numerous external problems, including relations with Russia, fit in.

For the first time since taking office, Trump spoke to Congress, in one of the chambers of which the majority passed to opposition democrats.

Women from among the members of the Democratic Party made their silent statement, arriving in the hall in white clothes: this color is one of the symbols of the suffragette movement. In this way, they expressed their views on how the Trump administration has tackled issues that are important for women - from health issues to equal pay.

“The agenda that I will present is not republican or democratic. This is the agenda of the American people, ”Trump said.

Russian service with the BBC chose five significant topics covered by the American president.

INF Treaty with Russia

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“We really don't have a choice,” Trump said, reiterating the US position on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Last week usa announced exit from the Treaty signed in 1987 between the USSR and the USA. Russia in response also announced the suspension of participation in the treaty. "Our answer will be mirror-like," President Putin said at the time, adding that "all proposals in this area remain on the table, as before."

In his address to Congress, Trump reiterated that the United States followed every letter of the Treaty, while Russia consistently violated the provisions of the INF Treaty.

“Perhaps we can negotiate a different agreement, involving China and others. Probably no. In this case, we will bypass them both in terms of spending and innovation, ”promised Trump.

The reaction of the Chinese side he mentioned to the suspension of the Treaty was previously unambiguous: the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on Washington to resolve differences through dialogue and return to the fulfillment of the terms of the treaty.

International politics: Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea

As expected, Trump announced the date for the second US-DPRK summit. The American leader will meet with Kim Jong Un 27-28 February in Vietnam.

The first ever meeting of the leaders of the two countries Took place in June 2018. In a joint statement following the summit, the DPRK announced its principled readiness to strive for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula (the sides interpret this goal differently - Pyongyang insists on the withdrawal of American nuclear forces from South Korea as well). The United States responded by promising security guarantees to Pyongyang.


Speaking to Congress on Tuesday, Trump said: "I believe that if I had not been elected president, we would now be at war with North Korea." The president added that he now has a "good relationship" with Kim Jong-un.

At the same time, Trump did not indicate in which particular Vietnamese city he would talk with the head of North Korea — the most likely candidate cities are sources of CNN and the New York Times called Hanoi and Da Nang.

Speaking about the state of affairs in the Middle East, Trump also reiterated his intention to withdraw the US military from Syria and Afghanistan: "It's time to say to our brave warriors," welcome home. " This time, Trump decided not to repeat previous statements that the ISIS forces were completely defeated, but noted that more than 20 thousand miles of Syrian and Iraqi territories had been liberated from their influence. This data was previously confirmed by the representative of the US Central Command, Joseph Votel.

At the same time, many experts on the Middle East continue to insist: ISIS in Syria is still strong, the terrorist group continues to take responsibility for numerous explosions and attacks in the region.

Trump also believes that the time has come to withdraw the US military from Afghanistan. In his opinion, their presence in this country should replace the peace talks on a political settlement of the situation.

It is noteworthy that several hours before Trump’s statement in Moscow, negotiations between representatives of the Taliban movement and key government figures in Afghanistan were completed. One of the initiators of the talks was the Russian government. According to observers of CNN and BBC, Moscow is doing everything possible to get the role of the United States, who took an active part in the political life of the country and have fought the Taliban in Afghanistan since the beginning of the 2000-s. Shortly before the talks in Moscow, the United States supported the Taliban’s initiative to create a representation of this Islamist organization in the Qatari capital Doha and, on its basis, to create a platform for peace talks.

"Outrageous investigations"

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“There can be no peace and no legislation when there is war and investigation,” Trump said in the first half of his speech. And although he did not give specific names and details, the American media immediately noted that it was about an investigation by Robert Mueller about Russian interference in the American elections in 2016 and possible connections with Trump and his entourage.

In addition, several committees of the House of Representatives, where Democrats are now setting the agenda, are gradually deploying their own parallel investigations into various aspects of Trump and his administration.

In December, lawyer Michael Cohen, recently close to the president, was sentenced to prison. He pleaded guilty to financial fraud and bank frauds, as well as violating election laws: Cohen paid two women who had declared their close relationship with the then future US president, and did not declare these payments as a contribution to the electoral fund.

Trump's words reminded American journalists of the famous statement by the 37th US President Richard Nixon, also made during his address to Congress, in order to divert attention from the scandal: “I think the time has come to put an end to this investigation. […] One year of Watergate is enough ”.


In an address to the congress, Trump again expressed support for the Venezuelan opposition.

“We support the people of Venezuela in their noble quest for freedom, and we condemn the brutality of the Maduro regime, whose socialist policies have brought this nation from the richest in South America into a state of extreme poverty and despair,” Trump said.

Photo: screenshot from official Twitter

This statement was made by the American president against the background of the ongoing protests in Venezuela. So, last Saturday, both Nicolas Maduro’s supporters and his opponents, who supported Juan Guaydo, who came to the fore in the Venezuelan parliament, dominated by the opposition, declared acting as president, took to the streets. Soon after this, Trump recognized Guaido as head of state.

In this issue, the United States seriously disagree with Russia: President Putin expressed support for Maduro.

Trump Wall

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Much of Trump's speech was devoted to illegal migration, which allowed him to return to the sensitive issue of building a wall on the southern border. He once again stated that he intends to seek construction on the border with Mexico, "in order to prevent illegal migration from Latin America."

In his speech, Trump said that millions of migrants live in the United States, respecting and abiding by American laws and enriching American society. He added that he was in favor of increasing the number of legal migrants: “But they must do it in a legal way,” the president said, adding: “Out of love for our citizens […] I ask you to protect our unsafe southern border.”

What else did trump talk about

The White House administration is going to launch special programs to combat childhood cancer and the AIDS epidemic. How exactly they will work is not yet clear. Trump also promised that he was going to propose a program to the legislature, as a result of which prescription drugs could become cheaper, writes “Voice of America".

The head of the White House demanded to ban abortions in late pregnancy;

Trump has pledged a new trade agreement with Mexico that will replace the North American free trade agreement;

He recalled the withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and the introduction of "the toughest sanctions" against Tehran;

Proposed a "mirror" bill on trade tariffs in relation to other countries - the administration proposes to levy the same taxes from US partners as those that America pays for the export of its products;

He recalled the recognition by the White House of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Holocaust and the shooting of believers in the synagogue of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Why congress did not want to listen to Trump in January

It was originally planned that Donald Trump will speak at the 29 congress in January, but in mid-January, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, member of the Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi asked the President to transfer the appeal on another date or send it in writing. The reason is “security issues” due to shatdaun.

At the same time, some democrats spoke out more sharply. For example, influential Congressman Hakeem Jeffries tweeted: “Person # 1 [as Donald Trump is identified in the criminal case against his former lawyer Michael Cohen] will not be allowed to report to Congress on the state of affairs in the country until the government is restored. Welcome to life under the New Democratic Majority. ”

Only on January 25, Donald Trump suspended the record-breaking 35-day shutdown - initially the government's work was stopped due to the refusal of Congress to allocate funds for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

What does the wall on the border with Mexico?

Tramp demanded to highlight 5,7 billion dollars for the wall construction project on the border with Mexico. This idea itself was contained in Trump's election promises, although he noted then that Mexico should undertake the construction costs, but she refused such an offer.

Democrats in Congress refuse to finance the construction of this wall, especially since the exact cost of such construction is still unknown.

George W. Bush has already tried to implement a similar project - with him, a 650-mile (about 1000 kilometers) fence appeared. This construction cost the budget $ 7 billion.

The US Department of Homeland Security previously estimated the cost of building the Trump Wall at $ 25 billion.

According to a poll commissioned by ABC and the Washington Post, conducted at the height of the shutdown on January 9-11, only 42% of Americans supported the construction of the wall to a greater or lesser extent, but the number was even lower a year earlier - only 34%.

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