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New York teenager dies of flu: vaccine against virus doesn't protect him

An 11-year-old New York boy died after a severe flu outbreak, which led to a cardiac arrest. And although the teenager was vaccinated, this did not save his life. This publication writes Dailymail.

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Death from cardiac arrest

Luca Calanni from Hamburg contracted the virus in early 2020. Mother showed him to doctors three times. On Wednesday, January 8, the child's condition showed no improvement. Therefore, he was taken to John R. Oishei Children's Hospital at the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital, the WTKR reported. There, Luka was hospitalized and was diagnosed with septic shock.

His health quickly deteriorated, then the virus attacked his heart, which led to cardiac arrest. The boy died on Saturday, January 11th.

His family says that Luke was vaccinated. However, the flu expert at the National Institutes of Health explained that this year the vaccine does not correspond to strain B - it is he who is responsible for most serious illnesses and deaths of children.

Ashley told WTKR that she doesn't want her son to be remembered as another child who died of the flu. “I want to be remembered as a wonderful boy, not another flu victim,” she said. "He was vaccinated and we did our best to prevent (death - Ed.) And help him."

Luca is the second child in New York to die of the flu this year.

Ashley said her son was "an amazing brother" to his three sisters and was a fan of the NFL team, the Buffalo Bills. “I would even say he was a sports expert,” she added. - He could tell you the stats of every college sports player and professional. His dream was to go to Ohio State University. "

The situation in other states of America

Luke's death occurred at a time when the flu spread to almost all US states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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