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New York toughened up requirements for builders: what to do to our immigrants

In the USA, in particular in New York, there is a shortage of specialists in the construction industry. Construction companies have difficulty in hiring qualified employees, so they are willing to pay well for their services. Such work can help new immigrants to quickly get on their feet and receive stable earnings.

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However, since December 1, the situation in this industry in New York has become a bit more complicated. This day entered into force new rulesrequiring employees of large construction sites to take the Safety at the Construction Site (OSHA) course. The course consists of many trainings; during the training, students are explained the risks associated with performing work on a construction site, safety rules for working on scaffolding, as well as the rules for using electric tools, safe loading and unloading of cargoes, fire protection, etc.


Under the new requirements, builders in New York must have a certificate confirming that they have completed at least 1 hours of OSHA training in the last 2019 years from 30 December 5. By September 1, 2020, workers at construction sites will need to have confirmation that they have completed at least 40 hours of training. Construction Supervisors must complete 62 hours of training.

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Assigned builders can take up their duties at the facility after completing 10 hours of OSHA training. Over the next six months, they must complete a total of 40 training hours in order to be eligible to continue.

Penalties for violators

Owners of construction projects must provide the New York City Department of Construction with confirmation that their workers have completed the required number of hours of training. The owner of the site, the owner of the building license and the employer will face a fine of $ 5000 for each employee who has not undergone the necessary training. An additional fine of up to $ 2 500 is also possible if the employer cannot document the fact of the training by his employees. Moreover, penalties apply to both the employee and the employer. More details on the new requirements can be found. here.

Where to get training for our immigrants

Valor consulting - This is the only Russian-speaking company in New York that specializes in conducting safety training on construction sites. On the basis of the Valor Consulting educational center, you can take trainings on all existing courses for working in the construction industry - the passage of these courses is strictly controlled by the New York Building Department.

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The center offers the mandatory 8-hour Fall Prevention course and the 2-hour Alcohol and Drug Awareness. As well as additional courses that are required to work as a builder in New York.

For more information, you can go to the site: or call: 917-362-9444 and register for the educational course you need.

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