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New York and Chicago entered the top ten most expensive cities in the world

The American cities of New York and Chicago entered the top ten most expensive for living in the world, analysts estimated the average spending per month at $ 3673 (5 place) and $ 3405 (9 place), respectively. This is stated in the study of Prices and Earnings 2018, prepared Swiss bank UBS.

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The first three places were taken by the Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva and the Norwegian Oslo. According to the study, the monthly income that will provide a minimum set of goods and services for a family of four, excluding rental housing, in Zurich is $ 4260. In Geneva this figure is slightly less - $ 4165, in Oslo - $ 3958.

In addition, according to the rating, living in Tel Aviv is more expensive than in Los Angeles. The Israeli city took 19th place. Accommodation costs here are $ 3137 per month, and in Los Angeles - $ 3059 per month.

The largest Russian cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, took the 54-e and 51-nd place, respectively. The cost of living in the capital of Russia is $ 2260, in St. Petersburg - $ 2300.

The cheapest city in the ranking is Cairo, where you need only $ 1272 per month. Kiev is located on the 75 line with $ 1618.


The highest food prices were recorded in Geneva - $ 706 per month, Zurich - $ 629 and Seoul - $ 592. New York took 7th place in this ranking ($ 479), Chicago - 8th place ($ 473), Los Angeles - 21st place ($ 404). Tel Aviv was in 16th place ($ 410). In St. Petersburg (54th place), food was more expensive than in Moscow (68th place) - $ 277 and $ 229, respectively. The cheapest food among the cities presented in the ranking is in the Ukrainian capital Kiev - $ 155 per month.


In terms of housing costs, three American cities were in the top ten. New York took the second place - $ 3833, ahead of Paris - $ 2 853. The first line of this rating is occupied by Hong Kong - $ 3 946.

Los Angeles ($ 2480) and Chicago ($ 2404) took 6th and 9th places, respectively. Tel Aviv was in 23rd place - $ 1, Moscow in 675th place - $ 26, and St. Petersburg at 1553 - $ 46. Kiev took 942th place - $ 55. The lowest housing costs were found in Nigerian Lagos - $ 815.

From January to April 2018, analysts at UBS studied the prices of 128 products and services every month and the level of salaries for 15 professions in 77 cities around the world. Analysts used average exchange rates for this period to minimize the impact of exchange rate fluctuations.

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