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New York prepares a plan to recover from the coronavirus epidemic

New York has already begun work on steps to rebuild the economy when the coronavirus epidemic declines. This publication reports "Voice of America".

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New York State has already begun work on steps to rebuild the economy. This was announced on Monday, March 23, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, during a press conference in Albany.

He stressed that he was very pleased with the steps taken to counter the crisis. The governor also added that the state or even the whole country cannot function for a long time in the conditions of a complete stoppage of the economy.

According to official figures, in 2017, New York State’s GDP was $ 1,5 trillion, which is 8% of the country's economy.

The state's nearly 20 million people are now in their first week of complete closure of non-essential businesses. People are worried because they don't know how long this will continue. They are forced to remain on unpaid leave and do not know how long they will not receive a salary.

To develop concrete steps to restore the state’s economy after the situation with the coronavirus stabilizes, Cuomo promised to appoint two private sector officials.

About NY Forward

Earlier in New York, the Pause quarantine plan was introduced, which stopped almost the entire business.

Now, according to Cuomo, you should consider New York's forward strategy called NY Forward. This strategy is designed to answer such important questions: how to restart the economy and how to achieve this by combining it with a strategy to ensure public health.

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