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Do I need an ID in America to vote

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November 8 Americans will come to the polls to cast votes for their candidates running for a variety of posts - from members of local city councils to the president of the United States.

One voter will need to present an identity document; this requirement does not apply to others.

This is due to the fact that they are responsible for the organization of elections on the ground. In each state or, if provided by law, in each locality, elections are held according to their own rules. In practice, this means different requirements for procedures such as:

  • voter registration;
  • voting procedure (paper ballots, voting machines, etc.);
  • registration of bulletins.

Whether voters must present an identity card depends on local law. As shown on the map, it varies from state to state.

In some states, you only need to provide your personal data. Others require the voter to confirm his identity by presenting, for example, a bank statement in his name or another document containing his postal address.

Somewhere you still need a driver's license or other photo documents. From time to time, the rules change, sometimes more stringent, sometimes more liberal ones are introduced.

What if a voter forgot his ID at home? In this case, he, as a rule, fills in a special “conditional bulletin”, which will not be taken into account until he meets all the requirements.

The only state that does not require voters to present an identity card is Oregon. Here, with the 2000 of the year, voting is by mail only.

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