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The new law will facilitate the deportation of immigrants from the United States

The US House of Representatives passed a bill that will ease the federal government’s deportation of immigrants who have committed violent crimes. The draft law explains what constitutes such a crime, with reference to the previous act, in which the Supreme Court gave a more vague description of this concept.

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The previous law required the government to deport a non-US citizen who committed a "violent crime", while not describing in detail what is meant, writes Voice of America. The new law specifies more than a dozen crimes that would qualify a criminal to be deported, including murder, assault, sexual violence, robbery, and the use of firearms.

The bill passed in the Republican-controlled House on Friday, mainly reading along party lines. Only 29 Democrats supported the measure, and only 4 Republican opposed.

President Donald Trump on Twitter endorsed the innovation: “The Republican Party House has just passed a bill that will help increase our ability to deport violent criminals (crazy democrats have protested). I need this law on my desk as soon as possible! ”

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Democrats objected to the fact that the bill, which was submitted a week ago, was passed without a hearing. Republicans defended a quick voting procedure, saying that failure to resolve this issue could lead to uncertainty in the courts.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security reported that the Secretary for Homeland Security, Kirsten Nielsen, praised the work of the Chamber.

The bill still has to be passed by the Senate before Trump can sign it, and there its prospects are uncertain. The Senate Judicial Committee has not yet approved the measure, and the leaders of the Senate have not announced any plans to bring the bill to the final stages of the legislative procedure this year.

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