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A new kind of luxury: you can own a private carriage and attach it to an Amtrak train

Many of us have heard of private jets, but it looks like a new form of luxury transportation is gaining momentum. Described as "an extraordinary way to see North America," Amtrak is willing to add your private rail car to its train if you buy one. Read more about the innovation told the publication Apartment Therapy.

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It's not clear how long this option has been available, though, as many first became aware of it when Shil Mohnot's tweet went viral.

“You can own your own private rail car and attach it to an Amtrak train. There are approximately 100 private railcars in operation in the US, they are extremely expensive ($300), plus Amtrak charges for mileage,” Mohnot wrote.

Amtrak's website has a page on private railcars that details the services they provide when you hitch your railcar to their train.

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“We provide a variety of services, including back-up power, water, ice, septic, car wash, parking, and a power switch,” the Amtrak page says.

In addition to owning your own railcar, the user pays an annual registration fee of $497, as well as a mileage rate based on the number of railcars on that particular train. According to their fare supplement dated October 15, 2022, the mileage rate is $4,09 per mile. Parking your rail car will cost $3885 per month, and there are a few other additional fees, including cleaning and maintenance of waste bins.

At the height of the pandemic, the trend of using private rail cars was hailed as the “maximum escape from social distancing.” Indeed, from the windows of a luxurious carriage one could see the stunning landscape of the country, which is much more pleasant than sitting in the middle seat of an airplane. But it looks like the cost per mile, which was $2020 in 3,74, has gone up a bit. Apparently, inflation has come to the car building.

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By the way, if you don't know, there are people who own their own wagon, and it turns out that there are a lot of them. There is even the American Association of Private Carriage Owners (AAPRCO) through which you can rent your own car. The group describes its mission as "promoting the operation, ownership and use of the private passenger car".

Of course, if you want to travel by rail outside of the United States, there are plenty of options. Luxury sleeping cars are available all over the world. For those who want to forgo the not-so-pleasant experience of going through airport security, traveling by train is ideal.

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