New monarch - new royal dogs: which pets moved to Buckingham Palace with Charles III

King Charles (Charles) III loves pets, just like his late mother. He and his wife Camilla brought along their beloved dogs, two adorable Jack Russell Terriers, Beth and Bluebell. Hello.

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The late Queen Elizabeth II was known for her love of dogs. During her reign, she had over 30 companion dogs, especially corgis were her favorites.

At the time of her death, the Queen had two corgis and one dorgi, who are now to be cared for by Prince Andrew at his home in Windsor.

Camilla adopted Jack Russell Terriers from Battersea Dog and Cat Shelter in London in February 2017 and they have been beloved family members ever since.

Camilla said of her love for dogs: “The good thing about dogs is that you can sit them next to you and you can have a nice long conversation, you can get angry, you can be sad, and they just sit with you, wag their tail, listen. and look."

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The royal also spoke of meeting Beth and Bluebell at the Battersea Dog and Cat Shelter: "I went to Battersea and that's how we got Beth, she was bored alone, she wandered from corner to corner," she said.

“We thought it would be nice if she had a friend. After two or three weeks, they found Bluebell wandering through the woods, hairless, covered in sores, practically dead. The fur has grown back. She is very sweet, but, let's just say, a little nervous, ”said Camilla.

The Queen Consort added that dogs love children and are allowed to roam "almost everywhere" but are not allowed to sleep on the bed.

However, it will be some time before Bluebell and Beth can explore Buckingham Palace as the building is currently undergoing renovations, so they will be living with Charles and Camilla at their Clarence House in London for the time being.

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Bluebell and Beth have already appeared before the public, graced the cover of the July 2022 issue of Country Life magazine. The pair of dogs looked very cute in Camille's own pearl necklaces.

King Charles also loves dogs, having previously owned a Jack Russell Tigger who passed away in 2002 and was buried on the grounds of his country home, Highgrove House.

Now, like the dogs of the British monarch, Beth and Bluebell will follow in the footsteps of the late Queen's beloved pets.

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Elizabeth II has referred to her dogs as her "family" in the past; her corgis traveled with her on tour and took pride of place in one of her official 90th birthday portraits.

Recall one more the famous Jack Russell - the dog Patron, the Ukrainian dog-sapper. Patron is a member of the pyrotechnics detachment of the Chernihiv region. He helps to look for explosives in the territories liberated from Russian troops.

The cartridge has become a symbol of resistance to Russian aggression. He is very popular withamong celebrities, politicians and officials.

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