A new tool for tourists will help you relax cheaply and without crowds

The demand for travel is now higher than ever. Increased demand is fraught with a shortage of seats and higher prices. With rising inflation this summer, travelers will have to spend more than usual on their holidays. What if someone has a limited budget? Or a potential passenger just wants to save as much as possible on the flight? Especially for such cases, there is one tool that the publication told about. Travel Off Path.

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Kayak.com has introduced a new travel tool called "Best time to travel" (Best Time to Travel), which will help travelers choose the best time to book a trip.

The tool compares not only airfare prices, but also the number of people, weather forecasts and seasonality to ensure you get the best experience and the best price for your trip.

What do you need to know about how this tool works and why it is so useful.

How the Best Time to Travel tool works

Enter the destination you would like to fly to, as well as the airport you would like to depart from and the estimated duration of your trip. The tool will do the rest.

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The tool offers 280 travel itineraries to choose from, meaning there's something for everyone, whether you're hoping to visit a popular resort or an uncharted destination.

You will be provided with a comprehensive results page that will tell you which month is the best time to travel and why.

For example, if you want to make a 7 day trip from New York to Venice, tool says you should travel in September.

The instrument says: “You must go to Venice in September. Why? Because airfare is lower than usual, the weather will still be good (expect daytime temperatures around 66°F/+19°C) and you will most likely not see large crowds.”

Screenshot: Kayak

Screenshot: Kayak

After a cursory search, you can go deeper to find the best dates for this month.

What makes the Kayak tool unique is the sheer number of variables it takes into account when estimating the best time to travel.

Screenshot: Kayak

In addition to providing information on the minimum and maximum prices for flights by month for your chosen destination this tool will help you determine when to book flights.

Screenshot: Kayak

Screenshot: Kayak

Don't want to be in a beach resort during the rainy season? Hoping to explore the Mediterranean when there aren't very many people there? All this will be taken into account when providing a recommendation on the best time to travel.

The tool will provide you with average hotel prices by date, as well as expected airfare prices, among other things.

After you have used the Kayak tool Best Time To TravelTo narrow down the best travel dates to suit your budget and other needs, you can use this tool to estimate the best day to book flights and your chosen hotel room when prices are at their lowest.

If you're not ready to book a ride using this tool, set up a price alert so Kayak can send you emails when prices change for your chosen flight or hotel.

The sheer amount of information the tool provides makes it worth exploring, even just for research purposes, before you book your next trip.

Crowded travel tool market

This is not the first travel search engine offered this month.

Skyscanner has also launched a similar tool to help savvy travelers know when to book and ensure they get the best deals. It is called Skyscanner Savings Generator.

The Skyscanner tool focuses solely on flight availability and offers users the cheapest flight option to their chosen destination. That is, if you can choose your travel dates, you will probably save some money.

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Other popular travel tools include Google Flights и Hopper.

Like Skyscanner, both of these sites are focused on finding available flights rather than the broader approach of choosing the right vacation dates that Kayak does.

The sheer volume of travel tools on the market shows that people want to take vacations and travel, and high prices won't stop them.

Travelers are ready to shop and use any means available to enjoy their vacation.

And the new service from Kayak.com is a great tool to help make those dreams come true.

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