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New owners of megacities: how wild animals enjoy quarantine

In most countries of the world, quarantine has been introduced due to a pandemic of coronavirus infection. The streets of cities in different parts of the planet were empty due to the fact that their residents do not leave their homes. Where previously it was crowded, now wild animals walk freely. What cities with unusual “passers-by” look like, the publication described with the BBC.

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While people are sitting at home in quarantine, animals conquer cities: a cougar is walking in Chile, Israeli haifas are being terrorized by hordes of wild boars, and a record number of flamingos have flown into Indian Mumbai.

Screenshot: Dolphins were seen in the Bosphorus Strait - rare guests in a very narrow and busy water passage between Europe and Asia. Euronews / Youtube

Maritime traffic in the Bosphorus has dropped dramatically in recent weeks due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and millions of Istanbul residents are staying home. Near one of the most popular attractions of the Turkish metropolis - a mosque in the Ortakoy region - several dolphins were seen in the water near the coast.

In the video, animals swim along the Bosphorus embankment, where a lot of fishing boats usually moor and tourists walk almost around the clock.

Dolphins were also seen off the coast of the historical district of Istanbul, where before the pandemic, there were many fish restaurants that were crowded with tourists.

Screenshot: The invasion of boars in Haifa. Locals fear for their safety, because during this period animals are very aggressive. AFP News Agency / YouTube

In the absence of people on the streets of Haifa (Israel) in many urban areas there is a real invasion of wild boars. Animals do not feel threatened and host in yards, squares and on playgrounds. Residents of several city blocks are seriously afraid for their health and are afraid of collisions with wild animals.

The number of boars roaming the deserted Haifa streets is growing uncontrollably; in many places around the houses, whole families with pigs walk along the roads. Previously, dangerous incidents occurred during the invasion of animals in the city. Locals, fleeing from these animals, often received injuries. There is even a known case of the death of a person on whom a wild boar attacked.

Eran Shulman, who lives with his family in Haifa, told how his daughter was bitten by a dog running away from a wild boar. “That was a few weeks ago. The girl left the school after some event and went to the car. A wild boar stood not far from her. A dog running past got scared of an animal, rushed to her daughter and bit her. The baby needed medical attention. And this is not the only case. "

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Arie Kurtz, another resident of the Karelia region occupied by wild boars, said that he recently had to face a whole herd of wild boars. The man managed to get into the car, and the animals surrounded him and roamed around.

“A year ago, this did not happen here. We are told that the residents feeding the cats are to blame. But I’m sure it’s not. Ten years ago, cats were fed in the same way near houses. I have written dozens of appeals to the mayor's office. They were simply ignored. They recommend that you lock the containers with a chain. But this is useless. If an animal weighing hundreds of kilograms wants to turn the container over and get food, nothing will stop it. We are one step away from tragedy, it’s only a matter of time. Someone can crash in a car when colliding with a boar. Or the beast will attack the person, ”fears Kurz.

Screenshot: About 150 thousand migrating flamingos flew to areas near the Indian Mumbai and its satellite city Navi Mumbai. VOA News / YouTube

The Bombay Society of Natural Sciences (BNHS) reported that since 2019, flamingo migration has increased by 25 percent when 1,2 thousand birds flew into the country. This year, more than one and a half thousand flamingos were seen in the first week of April.

The society attributes this increase to declining human activity in areas such as Sury, Thane Creek, as well as the Talave and Navi Mumbai wetlands. Usually large-scale construction work is carried out here, but this time the national quarantine created ideal conditions for flamingos in wetlands.

Screenshot: Rare marine mammals of dugongs, also known as sea cows, have been spotted in southern Thailand. AFP / YouTube

A herd of 30 rare marine animals, dugongs, appeared in shallow waters off the coast of Thailand, off the island of Libong. Due to quarantine, the coastal areas are now very calm, so the animals are not afraid to swim to the shore. The animals ate algae, only occasionally surfacing to breathe. Dugongs are actually a vulnerable species. In the waters of Thailand, there are only 250 of its individuals.

Screenshot: A cougar was walking around in the capital of Chile. World News Network / YouTube

An unexpected guest appeared on the streets of the Chilean capital, which was almost depopulated by quarantine. A young cougar wandered into Santiago. It seems that the animal descended from the hill of Mankeue, towering above the city.

According to residents, the cougar was scared and did not know where to go. She ran through several private courtyards and ended up on the school grounds. The police cordoned off the courtyard, after which they shot the animal with sleeping pills. Now he will be sent to the zoo for veterinary examination.

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