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US authorities have decided how much the military will leave in Syria

US authorities plan to leave peacekeepers around 200 in Syria after the bulk of the troops leave the country, writes RTVi.

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Sanders did not name the location of the American soldiers. A CNN source said the group will be located in northeastern Syria and at Al-Tanfa base near the border with Iraq. The US military is expected to provide logistical, technical and intelligence assistance to the Syrian Democratic Forces movement, which for the most part consists of Kurdish militias. February Post Washington Post reports referring to sources in the White House that Great Britain, France and Germany refused to leave their military contingent in Syria after the American soldiers leave from there. According to the source, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, asked the allies to patrol a buffer zone 21 kilometers wide on the border between Syria and Turkey.

The US president announced the full withdrawal of troops from Syria at the end of December 2018. He said that they would do it as soon as the terrorist group of ISIS, which was almost defeated, completely defeated. In early February, the Wall Street Journal newspaper 2019, citing sources at the Pentagon, wrote that all American troops will go away from Syria until the end of April.

Republican senator Lindsay Graham called Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria as the most stupid he has ever heard. He explained that this would lead to the strengthening of Iran in the region, Turkey’s attack on Syrian Kurds and the return of ISIS militants to Syria. After the decision to leave the US contingent, the senator noted that this would help preserve the achievements that had been achieved.

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