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Newborn girl hit the social networks: at 3 days she holds her head and rolls over on her stomach

A first-time mother was stunned when her newborn baby began to lift its head and attempt to crawl just three days after birth. The edition told in more detail Daily Mail.

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Samantha Mitchell of White Oak, Pennsylvania and her mother captured the incredible moment on camera as little Nyla Daze Tzabari lay on her stomach in a hospital bed.

You can see how the baby wriggles, makes sounds and raises her head for a few seconds, looking around.

In the video posted to TikTok, Samantha can be heard asking her mother, "Is this even normal?" and she replies, "No, she's three days old."

"Mom, she's crawling. Is this normal? How can this be!” Samantha said, and her shocked mother added, "God, she shouldn't be so strong."

Samantha, 34, said she rushed to film the amazing event as she knew her friends and family wouldn't believe her and was startled when her daughter tried to crawl for a full minute.

The baby's mother recorded the video in the hospital two and a half days after her daughter was born.

In the clip, tiny Niyla Daze, wearing a diaper, can be seen stretching her arms out in front of her to support her body and crawling with her head up.

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You can hear how Samantha's mother, who at that time was sitting with her in the hospital ward, admires what she saw.

Now, when the girl is three months old, according to Samantha, her daughter is already standing with support and will soon begin to walk.

The proud mother said she feels like she "never had a newborn" and is shocked every day by her baby girl.

“When I first saw her crawling, I was in complete shock. I've been babysitting for most of my life and have over 20 years of experience with them, but I've never seen anything like it before.

“Of course, I have never been around children at the age of three days, but I have never seen such a child. The way she raised her head and muttered something shocked me. My mom was the only person in the room when it happened and she told me to write it down. Otherwise, no one would have believed me,” Samantha explained.

@samantha_elizabeth__ I still can't believe this happened... #baby #babytiktok #crawlingbaby #talkingbaby #tummytime #3daysoldbaby #3daysold #nylahdaise ♬ original sound – samantha_elizabeth__

“My fiancé wasn't in the room and I know that if I hadn't filmed it, he wouldn't have believed me. The video was filmed when Naila was not even three days old - only two and a half days, ”said the mother of the baby.

Nyla Days was born three weeks late on February 27, 2023 at 21:22 pm and weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces (3,3 kg).

The average age at which a child begins to crawl is about nine months.

Samantha remarked, “Sometimes I laugh and just think I wish she was a baby. I don't think I've ever had a newborn. No doubt Niyla will be walking soon. She is standing at the moment. We're not trying to get her to stand up. The daughter simply refuses to bend her knees and sit down. Naila is not yet standing on her own, but she is holding on to us and is always trying to get up.”

Samantha gave birth to Nyla Daze three weeks late, that is, at 43 weeks and said that she had been breastfeeding her exclusively from birth.

The 34-year-old woman claims that her daughter began rolling from her stomach to her back at 18 days old and tried to speak at the age of one and a half months.

@samantha_elizabeth__ she continues to blow my mind 🤯 #7weeksold #babiesoftiktok #babytiktok #nylahdaise ♬ original sound – samantha_elizabeth__

“She was about 18 days old when she rolled over from her stomach to her back, and at the age of about two months, Nayla was rolling from her back to her stomach. I no longer need to support her head. I am in shock every day. Daughter tries to push herself out of her little chair when we put her there, ”said Samantha, not without pride.

“She is a very alert child from birth. From day one, her power is very shocking to us. When she was about a month and a half, she began to imitate what we told her, - says the mother of the baby. “We always tell her that I love you, and she seemed to be trying to repeat it to us and trying to say it. We couldn't believe it. It's more like babble, but Neyla is definitely trying to copy us. If she makes noise and we laugh, she will keep making noise because she knows we will react. She is a very smart child."

Samantha's fiancé, Ofer Tzabari, 28, initially thought Niyla's actions were normal newborn behavior until people started commenting on her early development.

Ofer said: “For me, it was the first time I was with a newborn, so for me, my daughter’s actions were normal until people started telling me that this was not so. It seemed to me that all babies are like that, but in fact the daughter's actions are not normal for a baby of her age. She is such a smiling, happy child and laughs all the time. As soon as you smile at her, Naila starts smiling and laughing at you back. She is a very happy child and I hope that her video will make everyone happy.”

The couple decided to share their daughter's talents on social media, and since the video was posted on TikTok, Nyla Daze's antics have received over 47 million views and six million likes.

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Social media users were delighted with the baby's talent.

One of them wrote: “I swear the kids that are being born these days are just a different breed.” Another stressed: “Babies born after 2020 are really wired differently.”

The 30-second video caught the attention of the masses after it was shared on TikTok with the caption, "I still can't believe this happened."

Samantha added text to the video that read, "Our daughter is three days old, lifting her head, crawling and trying to talk."

Some social media users have provided an explanation stating that the child is hungry and looking for a source of food. "It's a reflex - the search for food," wrote one of them.

Another suggested that it was the baby's crawling reflex: "It's present for the first six weeks and then disappears. This is a special device that allows the child to crawl to eat.

Since then, Samantha has shared follow-up videos at home with her baby, claiming she rolled over for the first time at just 18 days old. And at three weeks, Naila "tried to get up" lying on her mother's legs.

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