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A new cure for cancer: the drug has destroyed cancer cells in a patient

The vaccine being tested at Mayo Clinic kills cancer cells in a patient diagnosed with breast cancer.

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According to Fox NewsFlorida resident Lee Merker became the first patient to take part in a clinical trial of a new vaccine after being diagnosed with an early stage of the disease in March 2019.

According to her, she has breast cancer of the “zero stage DCIS”, that is, cancer cells have not yet spread. She was offered three options: to undergo a lumpectomy with the removal of cancer cells, undergo a mastectomy with the removal of the breast, or join a clinical trial of the vaccine to destroy the cells and prevent their appearance.

“I signed the dotted line that day,” Merker said of the 12-week trial at Jacksonville clinics.

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“The vaccine is supposed to stimulate the patient's own immune response so that immune cells like T cells can invade and attack cancer,” said Dr. Saranya Chumsri, an oncologist at the world renowned medical center.

Merker said the process entailed a series of analyzes and trials.

“They always took blood samples, followed by a medical examination, and after an injection right on the spot,” Merker said.

“This time everything was done in a row, with alternating hands, four injections at intervals of two weeks,” she added.

“It is assumed that in the future, everything will look like if you are getting a flu shot or pneumonia,” Chumsri said.

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The publication notes that Lee Merker still needed to have a mastectomy to make sure everything was deleted correctly. Researchers can scan breast tissue to find out how the vaccine works.

Treatment also applies to another patient. It is reported that treatment gives positive results.

Chumsry added that clinical trials for patients with other stages of cancer also show good results.

ForumDaily previously wrote that American scientists using a new procedure managed to save a woman from breast cancer who has passed into the terminal stage. As part of a new therapy, 90 billion of immune cells were pumped into the blood of a woman.

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