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New life: how a girl from Kazan managed to win a green card

With 7 May check Green Card Lottery results for 2020 (DV-2020). Information will be available until September 30, 2020. Firyuza Gafurova, who 10 years ago left for the USA under the Work & Travel program (a program for students), stayed there and thus received a green card. She told the publication ProKazan.ruhow she managed to win the lottery.

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I won the green card in 2009 year, already in the USA. I just had to pass an interview and get the document.

For those who won the lottery in Russia, you need to fill out a large questionnaire, go through a medical examination and go to the US embassy for an interview. The questionnaire and interviews require separate preparation, about which there is a lot of information on the Internet. In Russia, a medical examination takes place only in Moscow and only in one hospital, with which the American consulate cooperates.

In addition, you will need to pay a consular fee, which is about a thousand dollars. Green card owners must pay taxes to the US government. Even those living and working abroad are obliged to report all their income to the US tax authorities.

A few words about the life of Russians in the USA

In the northern part of Miami there is the Sunny Isles Beach area, it is called Little Moscow because of the large number of Russians. There, for example, there is a house with Kirkorov and an apartment with mother Natasha Koroleva. Once in the Kalinka restaurant we met Yuli Gusman, his car had an inscription KVN as a number.

On the subject: Lottery "Green Card" in questions and answers

Russians are immediately recognized by their unusual cars, parties until the morning, and branded items. Most of all, those who work as waiters or maids like to show themselves, that is, people of low positions. One of my acquaintances works as a delivery girl in an Arab restaurant and meets with a Brazilian. With his money I bought a Louis Vuitton bag, broke a caddilac, the Brazilian bought her a Mercedes instead. Moreover, her mother praises her and says: “Well done, look what you have achieved! Live today!".

Of all the Tatars with whom I spoke there, I do not like anyone. I somehow got a job in a Russian company, thinking that I would be at home. It was impossible to work with the Tatars, they substituted, plotted and treated badly.

Americans have stereotypes about Russians only in terms of alcohol. When people ask me if I drink strong alcohol, I say:

- No.

- Are you Russian?

- I am Tatar.

- Who are the Tatars ?!

They are surprised that we distinguish each other by nationality. They have no such concept. They distinguish each other only by the presence and absence of citizenship. They are all Americans.

How to get a green card

A green card is a special card that allows you to live and work in the United States. This is the document that confirms your state residency. There is no such thing as a temporary registration in the country. There is only citizenship and a residence permit, which are valid all the time until you give them up yourself.

On the subject: What to do if you won the green card: 5 required steps

Ways to get a green card:

  1. Find an employer in the states. There are many Russian companies in the USA that invite them to their place. First, the company helps in obtaining a visa, and then takes all the costs of obtaining a green card on itself. Russians and Ukrainians receive a card quickly - in 1,5 years.
  2. Get married to someone who has a green card or visa. So my friends left who met just two months before the trip. The guy was offered a job, and he decided to act nobly and take the girl with him. Someone is looking for brides and brides on Facebook.
  3. Go to study at the university.
  4. Ask for political asylum. To do this, you need to apply to the local embassy with complaints that you feel bad in your home country. If the Americans really decide what's hard for you, they will take over. So one Russian girl worked on a cruise ship and went down to the American coast. She said that she was ill in Russia, and she was accepted. Also, people of unconventional orientation can leave if they prove their unconventionality and discrimination from those around them.
  5. Win a green card in the lottery.

On the subject: What state aid can a green card holder expect?

With the official green card, you must live in the states for at least six months during each year. If you have a map, you can visit Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas without additional documents. In general, the possibilities are practically the same as in the case of citizenship, except that you cannot vote.

Green Card Lottery

If you have never been to the United States and you are not invited to work, then participation in the annual lottery is the surest way to get a green card.

If someone offers to draw up documents for a lottery for money, it means that they are scammers. Participation in the lottery is absolutely free. The most important difference from scammers is that the lottery site ends in “.gov” (goverment - government). If you come across a “.com” ending, they are scammers.

The only site to apply for: The lottery plays about 50 thousands of green cards for the whole world, with the number of participants about 10 millions. The number of quotas for countries is different. Among Russians, about 2,5 win thousands of participants with a small number of applications. So the chances to win are high.

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