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'No rework!': Mueller may speak publicly for the first time in 2 years, but Trump is against

Special Attorney Robert Muller, who was investigating Russian interference in American elections and the possible link between Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters and the Russians, may appear at a public hearing in Congress. Trump is not happy about this.

Special Prosecutor Robert Muller. Photo: YouTube / New York Times video frame

The planned testimony of Mueller on the air of the Fox television channel was announced by the chairman of the legal committee of the House of Representatives, David Sisilin. Although the Mueller investigation has remained at the center of US political life since May 2017, it will be the first opportunity for Congressmen and Americans to hear about him directly from the special prosecutor, writes “Voice of America".

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At the 1 hearing in May, some of the senators questioned the correctness of the conclusions of the US Department of Justice on the report of the independent prosecutor Muller on Russian interference in the elections and interpretations of the report by Attorney General William Barr.

Photos: Facebook/ The White House

US President Donald Trump said on Sunday, 5 in May, that Special Prosecutor Robert Muller should not testify in Congress about his investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election in 2016.

Trump tweeted that Democrats in Congress wanted to "redo" Muller's report, which did not make a conclusion about whether Trump made attempts to obstruct justice in the course of the investigation, leaving it to Barr's discretion.

“Bob Muller should not testify. No rework for Democrats! ”Trump wrote.

Screenshot from Twitter / @ realDonaldTrump

The Muller report describes Russian efforts to help Trump win elections in 2016, but the special prosecutor concluded that Trump and his campaign headquarters did not enter into a criminal conspiracy with Moscow.

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The Republican president ridiculed the investigation as a costly "witch hunt" and presented the report's findings as his victory.

The Democratic-controlled House Judicial Committee seems to be close to organizing a hearing involving Müller, which may take place on May 15. Attorney General William Barr, who is criticized by Democrats for the way the publication of the report was organized, said he did not object to the testimony of Muller.

YouTube video screenshot / Present

Barr himself movingI am to another confrontation with the Congress, which can begin if by the morning of Monday, 6 May, it does not submit a full unedited version of the Muller report, which is required by the Democrats.

Recall The report does not cast doubt on the fact that Russia and its special services tried to intervene in the elections.US President in 2016 year. However, investigators did not find that anyone from Trump’s headquarters or other US citizens had any contact with the Russians on this issue or provided them with support.

At the same time in the USA in 2019 began an investigation about the conspiracy of the Democrats with Ukrainian officials in an attempt to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election of the year.

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