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'I can’t wait': Julia Roberts brother wants to get Russian citizenship

American actor Eric Roberts said he really wants to obtain Russian citizenship as his second citizenship. Writes about it RIA News.

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Roberts was the guest of honor of the tenth anniversary international tournament in professional combat sambo “S-70 Platform” in Sochi. He himself is the owner of a black belt in taekwondo and always talks about his love of martial arts.

“I really like martial arts, fighters, and so I came to Russia to see a wonderful evening of fights ... I want to get a second citizenship, and it will be Russian! I can’t wait to get Russian citizenship, ”Roberts said.

The actor has repeatedly visited Russia and admits that he really likes this country ..

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“Russia is very romantic. She reminds me of America ... We all love our country. Each country has its own wonderful life, ”said the actor.

In 2002, Eric Roberts was an honored guest of the Kinotavr festival.

“I was in Sochi at the film festival. Then I said that Sochi is a cool place, I need to return here. And so I came back, ”the actor shared.

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Eric Roberts is the brother of the famous actress Julia Roberts and the father of the young, but also very famous, singer and actress Emma Roberts.

His filmography includes about 400 paintings, including “Law and Order”, “The Dark Knight”, “The Expendables”, “Doctor Who”, “Force Majeure” and others. He is also an Oscar and Golden Globe nominee.

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