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Uninvited guest: in Connecticut, a bear came to a children's party and ate sweets

In Connecticut, a hungry black bear broke into the backyard of a house and ruined a 2-year-old's birthday party, reports Insider.

Photo: IStock

According to local news, the Connecticut family's celebration took an unexpected turn earlier this month when an intruder attended a party and made off with birthday cupcakes.

Rauf and Laura Majeedian were hosting a birthday party for their two-year-old son Cyrus at their West Hartford home when the fearless furry beast burst into the backyard.

A black bear materialized from a nearby forest and sat down at the festive table, where he began to eat some cupcakes. The parents filmed the animal as it raided the holiday table with treats. In the end, the bear with the frosted face left the party.

Video of the encounter shows the bear licking its lips after each cupcake. He refused the juice boxes and other goodies laid out on the table.

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Laura Majidian said that two dozen family members were enjoying the party outside when the bear first appeared. The adults at the party immediately began to pick up the children who were dancing and running around in the backyard.

"I'm a little scared, but everyone is safe," Laura Majidian said after the incident.

Some guests hid in the garage while others retreated to their cars, from where they honked and yelled at the bear, trying to get it to run. But the hungry bear continued to eat.

“All the adults were yelling at the bear. It didn’t bother him,” Rauf Majidian told the TV channel.

The parents added that the bear did not look aggressive at all - he was only interested in cupcakes, and after finishing the meal, he left.

Bear sightings across Connecticut have increased in recent years, according to the state energy and environmental agency's wildlife department.

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After a woman was killed in Montana last year when a grizzly bear exhibited rare predatory behavior, a bear management specialist said the best way to avoid any negative encounter with the animal is to make sure food is out of the bear's reach.

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