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Usual products that are banned in the USA

Author of the Anti-Stress Blog on Yandex Zen went to a friend in the USA and was surprised. Products that we use every day are prohibited.

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Once again, I was sent on a business trip abroad (working aspects). No, you don’t think, I’m not complaining, I even like it, and I am fluent in English. After a long flight, I stayed with a friend for a couple of days. He has been living in America for more than 6 years, and makes good money there, to be honest.

Before flying home, we gathered in the evening to watch football for a cup of something stronger. I remembered that I brought a gift for his daughter - a whole box of kinder. A friend just went nuts from such a gift, and his daughter could not understand what it was.

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Then he explained that Kinder and a whole range of products that we can use in Russia without problems are banned from selling in the United States.

Products that are banned in the USA

1. Kinder Surprise

The government banned the sale of this product, stipulating that there can be no extraneous object in food that is inedible.

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I rummaged on the Internet about this issue and found that this ban was lifted in 2017. But it is strange that although they were allowed to sell, there are no such goods on the shelves.

2. Shark fins

Shark fins are used to make soup. The soup was so popular that the shark population declined several times. Poachers caught sharks, cut off fins and released into the sea.

It is worth noting that few sharks survived without fins, also other fish could come to the bloodstream and just eat a shark.

3. Milk

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No, you don’t think that all milk is forbidden. Only milk that has not been processed and pasteurized is banned in the United States. Americans cannot enter the market like us and buy bottles of milk from their grandmother.

4. Plum Mirabelle

Yellow plum with a very delicate and sweet taste. In Russia, you can find it in many summer cottages and buy it without any problems, but not in the USA.

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5. Fugu fish

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This is a kind of fish that is very poisonous. If you cut it wrong, then the situation will be deplorable.

Although it is not forbidden in our country, I would not try it. Why take this risk?

6. Beluga caviar

It is not surprising that they put a ban on the production and use of Beluga caviar. The USA at one time ate a lot of it, which provoked a reduction in the population of beluga by 90%.

Here is such information I learned from a friend in America. Of course, we can consider that some prohibitions are very banal. But to some extent they are right, you need to take care of the world around us.

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