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In 19 states, an increase in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus has been recorded: what will happen next

Covid-19 cases are on the rise in 19 states, and Arizona is asking its hospitals to step up emergency plans. Writes about it CNN.

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Health experts have long been warning about the second peak of Covid-19, and now the Arizona authorities, in connection with the growing number of cases, recommend hospitals to activate an emergency plan.

Arizona is one of 19 states in which the number of new cases of coronavirus is still increasing. While 24 tend to decline, trends in seven states remain stable.

At its peak, the number of jobs in intensive care units in Arizona was 78%. As of Monday, June 8, 76% were busy. Arizona State Director of Health, Dr. Kara Crist, asked hospitals to do everything to ensure hospital capacity.

«Мы знаем, что Covid-19 все еще находится в нашем сообществе, и мы ожидаем, что число случаев увеличится», – сообщили в департаменте здравоохранения штата Аризона.

The number of free beds and medical resources were one of the main problems in treating the coronavirus pandemic when the country first peaked. Health experts have expressed concern that a surge in cases could cause hospital congestion.

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Many states have eased restrictions that have been introduced since March to limit the spread of the virus. But without a vaccine and due to the large crowds in public places during national protests, a high incidence rate may return.

Fears across the country

The fears of another surge in cases are spreading throughout the United States.

According to the North Carolina Health Association, the state recently broke the record for the number of people hospitalized with coronavirus, there were 774 new cases.

Despite the fact that there are enough opportunities in hospitals, the staff is concerned about trends in hospitalization rates, which intensified when restrictions were eased.

States that have been hit hard by the pandemic earlier remain cautious.

On Tuesday, June 9, in New Jersey, 375 new cases of coronavirus infection and 91 deaths per day were recorded. The staff is improving, but Governor Phil Murphy said it’s too early to rejoice and you need to be alert.

Los Angeles authorities are asking residents who protest to monitor symptoms for fear that large gatherings may allow the virus to spread.

«Вы можете подвергнуться риску, и он не будет проходить через систему отслеживания контактов. Никто не знает, что вы были там, ни у кого нет вашего имени», – заявила директор департамента общественного здравоохранения округа Лос-Анджелес Барбара Феррер.

Barriers to treatment and vaccine

Anthony Fauci said that until the moment when doctors can take a pandemic under control with a vaccine, it is still a long way off.

Providing billions of doses of potential vaccines to all who need them will take the strength of researchers around the world.

And although disease experts at the FDA expect that there will be several vaccines against coronavirus in the future, people who don’t take them will put others at risk, said Dr. Peter Marks, director of the US Food and Drug Administration Centers.

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«Помните, что 30% или 40% населения не получат эту вакцину, даже если эффективность вакцины составляет 70 или 80%. Мы не сможем обеспечить общий иммунитет», – сказал он.

Clinical trials of treatment are actively underway. But researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health say most of them lack important scientific components. Among them there were no control groups that did not receive treatment to compare results, too few participants in the experiments and not enough volunteers.

“Учитывая срочность выявления возможного лечения Covid-19, это тот случай, когда нам не хотелось бы говорить «необходимы дальнейшие исследования» из-за недостатков в испытаниях”, – говорит ведущий автор Hemalkumar Mehta.

Срочность необходимости создания нового лекарства усиливается, так как запасы “Ремдесивира” заканчиваются, а это единственный препарата, утвержденный FDA, сообщил официальный представитель Департамента здравоохранения и социальных служб США доктор Роберт Кадлек.

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