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USCIS renews premium processing of certain types of applications

The US Citizenship and Immigration Service announced that it will resume premium processing of Form I-129, Petition for a Non-Immigrant Worker, in June (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker) and Form I-140 “Immigration Petition for Foreign Workers” (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers) This was reported on the official website. USCIS.

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Starting June 1, 2020, USCIS will take Form I-907 “Request for Premium Processing Service” (Request for Premium Processing Service) for all eligible applications in form I-140.

Starting June 8, USCIS will accept premium processing requests:

  • H-1B petitions filed before June 8, pending review and not subject to the annual limit (for example, those filed by applicants exempted from restrictions, as well as those filed for beneficiaries previously considered in the numerical distribution);
  • all other petitions in Form I-129 (not Petitions H-1B) for non-immigrant classifications eligible for premium processing, filed before June 8 and pending.

Starting June 15, USCIS plans to:

  • to renew the bonus processing of petitions H-1B with a request for bonus processing by submitting Form I-907 simultaneously with Form I-129 (or request for a petition filed June 8 or after this date), and exempt from restrictions, because:
  • the employer is exempted from restrictions because the beneficiary will work in an appropriate institution or organization exempted from restrictions (for example, in a higher education institution, non-profit research organization, or government research organization); or
  • the beneficiary is exempted from restrictions based on the Conrad / IGA exemption document in accordance with section 214 (l) of the INA.

Starting June 22, USCIS plans to resume premium processing of all other petitions of Form I-129, including:

  • all petitions H-1B (as well as petitions for fiscal year 2021), including a change in status from non-immigrant F-1, both for updated premium processing and for submitted forms I-907;
  • all other petitions of form I-129 for non-immigration classifications eligible for bonus processing and requesting bonus processing by filling out form I-907 simultaneously with form I-129.

All dates are subject to change as USCIS continues to accept more premium processing requests. The Citizenship and Immigration Services will report any changes.

On the subject: USCIS quarantines: when will offices be opened and what services will be available

On March 20, USCIS announced a temporary suspension of premium processing for all petitions of forms I-129 and I-140 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Citizenship and Immigration Services continues to process any application in accordance with the previously adopted Form I-907 in accordance with the premium service criteria.

Applicants who have already submitted Form I-129 or Form I-140 using the bonus processing service before it is suspended on March 20, but have not received any action or compensation, can re-fill Form I-907 in accordance with the above schedule, without considering USCIS changes which may be announced in the future.

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