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Trump asked Americans to go to work to save the economy

Americans should return to work to save the economy, despite the spread of coronavirus. This was stated on Fox News by U.S. President Donald Trump, writes RBC.

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“We need to get back to work. The flu kills thousands of people. And at the same time, we never “cut off” the country because of this. We lose even more people in accidents. And we do not ask automakers to stop making cars, ”said the American leader.

According to him, people die from the virus, and even more people can be lost if the country finds itself in a vast recession or depression. Trump is convinced that the US "was not created to remain without work." He noted that people do not want to be locked in a house or apartment.

“Our citizens want to get back to work. They will distance themselves from each other and everything else. The elderly will be watched with love and protection. We can combine two things, ”the head of the White House wrote on Twitter.

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Trump added that coronavirus can kill fewer people than a massive economic recession or depression.

“The medicine should not be worse than the problem. Congress must act now, ”quotes US President Kommersant.

On the eve of Trump announced the cancellation of restrictions imposed due to coronavirus. According to him, next week the US authorities intend to decide on when the work of enterprises will resume under the outbreak of a new coronavirus. The American leader assured that America would soon be open to business. According to Trump, this will happen much earlier than in three or four months.

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Donald Trump said that he expects the country to return to its usual rhythm by Easter, that is, by April 12.

“We will open relatively soon, when the time comes <...> We must do this. I would like to open the country for Easter. I would like the country to open up for Easter, ”he said.

Last week, US authorities recommended that citizens refrain from social contact, work from home, order food delivery, and not go outside without need for 15 days.

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According to the latest data from the American Johns Hopkins University, so far in the United States more than 52 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus have been registered, 677 people have died. The total number of victims exceeded 18 thousand people.

According to The New York Times, restrictive measures have left 158 ​​million Americans in 16 states, 9 counties, and 3 cities in their homes. In addition, the activities of most enterprises in the country were almost completely discontinued.

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